The Book Game Plan

The Book Game Plan: How to Write Fiction the Paranormal Way

Have you ever felt stuck coming up with ideas for fiction books? Or you are in the midst of writing one and stop?

Try writing with psychic tools!

Inside this short read eBook is a simple plan to help you with your writing. It’s fun and it’s easy. See excerpt below.

Companion materials are available inside the Dream The Answer Portal


Some of what is written on these pages is what came through me while engaged in writing sprints over the course of 3 days.  I put in a request to my higher self and spirit guides to give information about how to write fiction using paranormal methods.

However, I noticed that this material can also be used for personal insight and gain as well. The guidance and techniques shared inside the writing sprints can be applied to your own life. In some of the sessions, it speaks directly to my situation(s) and is relatable for others as well.

Since the channeled writing reads as fast as it came in, I have segmented it the best I can for an easier understanding. Then the following chapters will take a quick look at the “how” for a few of the methods mentioned. There are so many.

Don’t picture a yellow polka dotted bunny chasing a big red dog! *

Yes, that sentence belongs there. What came to mind? Did you see the image in your mind’s eye or have a sense of what was described even though I told you not to? (Mind’s eye refers to imagining something and having a clear picture or impression of it in your mind.)

Two-fold lesson here. That is why the word “don’t” should not be used at the beginning of a sentence. Our brain skips over the word and our attention goes straight to the rest of the statement.

The second lesson is – you have just experienced what it is like to receive a psychic impression and perhaps didn’t realize it’s that simple. So now that you know what it feels like to receive basic psychic impressions, you can take on the challenge of writing using the psychic reading method. This is covered in the chapter – Connect and Create.

Let’s start with the channeled writing sprints…


Seann Vinyasa-Billson

*Note:  Using the words “Don’t picture…” is not new. I cannot find the source of this example that explains how our attention skips over the word don’t. However, I felt it was a great illustration to use to show you how quickly images are formed in our minds and how it is comparable to visualizations and psychic impressions.

Channeled Writing Sprints

The following chapter is a few days of writing sprints I did after connecting to source energy (aka – my higher self and spirit guides) and asking for information about how to write fiction using paranormal methods.

Many people these days think of the word ‘paranormal’ as stories involving other genres such as fantasy, science fiction and horror. These stories can involve shapeshifters, ghosts, aliens, fairies, demons, dragons, vampires, zombies…

My experience with the paranormal and what is being taught here, lines up with the dictionary. Paranormal is a phenomenon (such as clairvoyance) that is beyond current scientific understanding.

Other words that are used to describe paranormal as it relates to this book’s material are:

  • Metaphysical
  • Supernatural
  • Transcendent
  • Mystical
  • Occult
  • Psychic
  • Spiritualistic

So…before delving into the writing sprints – let me just clarify what a writing sprint is for those of you who may not be familiar with it.

A writing sprint is a dedicated length of time for writing as fast as you can. Some benefits are:

  • The challenge of maximizing your word count. (feels like a game)
  • Not editing as you write
  • Using a word prompt to get started
  • If using the computer, you can easily calculate your wpm. (words per minute)
  • An amazingly quick way to write. (a feeling of getting ahead)

Using writing sprint(s) are an excellent way to allow your writing to flow fast and from a very creative place. When you connect and create, you are allowing the divine to flow through you. It can be compared to athletes expressing how they are “in the zone”.

Also try different times of the day and lengths of time to see when and how you excel best with writing sprints.

The following writing sprints are channeled material but within the containment of a sprint. For the first sprint on day one of three, I put on some classical music and set the timer for 10 minutes and then took a 5-minute break. Average wpm – 54.57

I used an online egg timer and stopwatch. Sometimes I used a phone app. Here we go…


Day 1: Writing Sprint #1:

How to write fiction the paranormal way. There are lots of ways to do this. Meditation is the first step. Getting into a relaxed open state to receive. Ask and then you will be given the information you seek. It can be a tall tale. You can venture to the past to see past lives and other people’s past lives through remote viewing.

We can spin a tale for you if you like to give you an example. You can also do readings. Readings on your characters with tarot cards or oracle cards. Playing cards, runes, crystal balls. The easiest way to get started that way is with a deck of cards (oracle or tarot) that resonates with you. It makes you feel good.

Yes, you can refer to the booklet that comes with the cards for guidance but perhaps you will have a lot more fun gazing into the cards and allowing impressions to come to you. Like a child who is pretending. They are in a make-believe world and they have a lot of enjoyment from spinning stories around in their minds and acting them out.

This is also a good time to doodle. Through drawing pictures, letters and the like you further open up the connection to the divine to give you what you are asking for.

What makes a great story? Conflict and love. It is divine guidance that will show you how conflicts can be resolved and the process of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly as one of the memes. Not sure if that is the right word. It’s magic! It really is magic when you use these methods to write and all the great ones do. They are in an altered state of awareness when they are writing whether they realize it or not.

We are wanting to bring that to your attention. That you already do it. Doesn’t it feel like the pen just wants to take off ahead of you when you are in the flow? Or can you type fast enough to keep up with the ideas coming down through your fingers? Yes, you can and it is a challenge and it is fun.

You will want to write if you associate it with fun, freedom and a connection to that higher part of you and the universe. Somehow writing has been associated with hard work and can be a drag or difficult. It is no longer difficult when you are connected to a higher source so that is the first thing you must do. You must get connected to source energy. Your higher self and team of spirit guides who are waiting in the wings so to speak to chat with you. To share their knowledge. To offer you guidance. It’s there. Ask and allow.

It is going to be so much fun to share with you all we know about writing and getting in the place where amazing information can come through in a very entertaining way. Play with words. Have fun with it. Doodle. Now we can give you an example in the next segment. How about we start now with the connection part. Just like Seann does, ask to connect to your higher self and spirit guides. Ask out loud. Breathe in…


The Book Game Plan: How to Write Fiction the Paranormal Way


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