A Game Changing Writing Plan


Give me three days, and I will help you move toward a simpler, more productive life. ~ Sarra Cannon

There is a short window of opportunity here to jump into the HB90 Bootcamp.

It starts this Thursday, June 20th – with a LIVE kickoff call.

In Quarter 2 (April/May/June) I took this 3 day course and I can vouch for its effectiveness. What a game changer for my life. I have accomplished more in these last three months than I have in the past three years.

I remember excitedly telling my husband how it was the best investment I have made in a long time.

What was really interesting about my experience is that I opted for the payment plan (YES! Sarra makes her courses accessible to many) and I couldn’t wait for the payment time to roll around again so she would get paid for helping me so much 🙂

Sarra’s experience & mine too! Perhaps you can relate?

  • Felt overwhelmed
  • Procrastinated too much
  • Let years go by…

Then… Sarra educated herself on productivity and created the HB90 Bootcamp mainly to help writers get their books written. To help herself also. However, anyone can use this system for their personal and business planning.

This Quarterly plan is very freeing and powerful. You will get organized and figure out your priorities and schedule them in. And most importantly, you will not stress about it. It is about being happy now, loving your life and doing what you can when you can.

As mentioned, there is a short window of opportunity here to jump into the HB90 Bootcamp. BUT…you don’t have to take it on the days it starts. You can do the Bootcamp on your own time and in however many days it takes you. You do however have to purchase it within this time frame as it only opens for enrollment 4 times a year.

I highly recommend this system and I will be going through the entire bootcamp again myself. Can’t wait! And yes in case you are wondering, this post contains affiliate links. MInd you, I tell people about Sarra’s great work anyway but when she asked Alumni if they wished to spread the word about her course as an affiliate, I jumped.

Head on over to learn more!

(FYI – Sarra has sold over 250,000 books and makes multiple 6 figures a year)

Heart Breathings Quarterly Bootcamp ~ Get your quarterly goals written down and done!

You can do this!

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

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