Book Tour: No Life Only Death

No Life, Only Death
by Francheska Fifield
Genre: YA SciFi

Can a killer save a species doomed to extinction?

Helen is a killer. After her past was destroyed by an alien invasion her job, her life, has been about survival. It is not always easy. Her only, sometimes, partner in this is Phillip a killer who fights for revenge. Neither have pure motives for fighting the aliens that killed so many and continue to battle humanity for space domination but they are ok with that. There is only one problem.

The next step in the Helen’s plan, according to her boss, is to go to the academy. The training grounds for the next generation of military fighting the invaders. At the academy is a link to Helen’s past she may or may not be ready to face….her ex-fiancé Nick who thinks she is dead.

She can fly any jet, fire any weapon, and is a master in all hand to hand combat. She can even pretend to fight the good fight alongside the pure hearted military boys thinking they will save the world but when push comes to shove she’s a killer. She survived Nick’s abandonment of her, the aliens killing her entire village, witnessing and experiencing things no human should go through, and now she will have to survive a plot against the entire population of Earth, even if it means destroying what remains of her past.

She has no life anymore; the only thing that matters is death…hopefully theirs.

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Best Story Award 2017 Nominee for NY Literary Magazine
I enjoy writing everything. I like to read a variety and I write
because it makes me happy and allows me to use the voices in my head
for a good cause. To entertain other people. 🙂

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The Sergeant and the lady then walk to the stairs. They would watch in the room above the battle simulator room. The glass is one-way and bulletproof. The boys hefted up their weapons and walked into the room, spreading apart instantly. John gets hit in the heart and is out before they have time to get more than five feet from each other.

Nick went to look, and saw that the shot came from the ceiling. Beams crisscross up there. How did he get up there with no ladder? It is about twenty feet high. Maybe they hefted him up there before the battle. He starts to shoot. “Bill, the ceiling!” Nick yelled, as Bill looks around in confusion.

Another shot comes flying and Nick jumps and rolls, making the shot miss him by less than a centimeter. “Ouch!” He looked over. Bill’s right arm is out of play. Bill switches hands, but he is not as good and all his shots miss the figure that is dancing on the beams above them. A shot flies down as he jumps to the ground. The shot hits Bill in the helmet and he is pronounced dead. The figure across the room is thin and small. It is a young boy. Could be a girl but not many are here, not many want to be here.

He remembered Celeste’s face when he told her he was coming here. He then uses the anger that builds up in him and fires. He or she sidesteps and dances around the room. All the while getting closer and closer. He managed to hit the left arm. It counts as just a scrape, not even disabling him or her.

Nick continues to fire. He runs out of bullets and the figure stands in front of him. They lift their gun and shoot. Nick grabs his chest, they are fake bullets – more like paintballs really – but they still hurt on impact. He then drops and is pronounced dead. The buzzer sounds, pronouncing the end of battle.

Nick and the others stood and removed their helmets. The figure did not; he or she just stands there. The Sergeant and lady come into the room. The mystery fighter jumps up,  grabs a beam and spins up, landing on top of the beam. Acrobatics. That would explain it. Still, twenty feet is pretty high to jump.

“Well boys, how did you like fighting my super soldier? Three years of intense training has made her the best there is.”

“Enhancements?” Nick put the question out there. If it was so, then no wonder they got their butts kicked.

The lady frowned. “No. Sergeant, did you not tell them it would be a fair fight?”

“I did indeed Jane, but you cannot blame them for wondering. She is an impressive killing machine. No boys, your opponent has no enhancements. She was thoroughly checked beforehand by our top physicians. No foreign substances or artificial parts.”

Nick frowned. No drugs or artificial parts. The girl must have had some hellish training.

“We got our asses kicked by a girl? No way!”

“John, girls can fight too.” John is sometimes a bit chauvinistic. He thinks girls should wait at home and let their men protect them. Nick and he had fought over it before, as he pointed out that that was what he had done with Celeste and she had died. John had felt bad after learning the whole story from Bill, and since then they had been friends.

“Can we meet her?” Nick admitted to himself that he was curious. This girl had never been to any of the Fighting Academies or he would have already heard of her.

“Of course. Helen, come down.”

The girl dropped to the floor, landing gracefully on her feet. She made it look effortless.

“Remove your helmet, Helen.”

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