Book Tour: Sweet Indulgence

Sweet Indulgence

A Charleston Harbor Novel Book 1

by Debbie White

Genre: Sweet Romance

Real Men Eat Cupcakes

Annie McPherson has had it with all the blind dates her grandmother and auntie set her up with. She just wants to be left alone to run the Sweet Indulgence cupcake bakery – even if it means she’ll remain single forever.

Jack’s just been through a gut-wrenching break-up, and women are the last thing on his mind. Now he’s on a mission to pick up cupcakes for his niece’s birthday party—not a mission to fall in love. Pulled in by Annie’s good looks and witty charm, though, temptation proves too sweet.
But will Annie’s pesky grandmother and auntie welcome Jack as Annie’s choice or will they have him jumping through hoops to prove he’s the one?

Fans of Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods, and Susan Wiggs are sure to love Sweet Indulgence, the first sweet romance novel in the Charleston Harbor series.

This book is too sweet to pass up!

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Debbie is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She currently lives in northern California where the hills are dotted with vineyards and the jagged coastline is nearby. Many of her books describe the beautiful area she calls home. She avidly supports animal rescue by donating a percentage of all book sales to rescue groups nationwide! Now here are a few more interesting tidbits of information about her!

1. Her spouse served in the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years. She uses some of her experiences as a military wife in some of her stories.

2. She has two granddaughters and a grandson.

3. She received her degree in Sociology in 2011 and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

4. She hasn’t always dreamed of writing, but she’s always loved reading and decided she’d give it a try. Her fans love her so much, she’s still putting out books three years later.

5. Her very first book, The Salty Dog was an Amazon Best-seller.

6. You can follow all the latest news about releases, book signings and more on her website

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“Oh, Vicky,” Annie said, spreading her arms wide.

“Girl, it’s been way too long. It’s so good to see you.”

“I can’t wait to hear about your wedding plans. Are you stressed yet?”

The two gabbed as the hostess led the way toward their table.

“I’m so stressed. But you know, my new favorite saying is, it is what it is.”

Annie laughed. “I bet. Well, I can’t wait to come and see you two lovebirds finally tie the knot. Soon you’ll be Vicky Collins.”

“Victoria Collins,” Vicky said with a tone of superiority.

“I like the ring of that,” Annie said, nodding.

Vicky fussed to Annie about how picking out the right bridesmaid dresses for Jessica, who’d just given birth and still had a few extra pounds to camouflage, as well as one to accommodate the expanding girth of Cassie’s tummy, challenged her beyond her wildest dreams.

“I’ve selected five different dresses at three different stages of planning my wedding. I’m about to just have you as my only bridesmaid. You’re not pregnant are you?” Vicky teased as she poked at her salad.

“No, I’m not pregnant. I’m hardly seeing anyone.”

Vicky peered up at Annie. “Hardly?”

Annie smiled. “Jack is his name. We really just started seeing each other. He’s a great guy.”

“Good. Great guys are good.” Vicky put her iced tea to her lips and drew in a taste.

Annie nodded. “You know Jessica and Cassie didn’t do these things on purpose. They love you, and it’s just one of those things.”

Vicky forked a beet chunk and put it in her mouth. She chewed it slowly.

“Having a baby is a nice thing. You are happy for them, right?”

Vicky twisted her mouth then relaxed her lips. “Of course, I’m happy for them. It just makes it difficult picking out dresses. Do you realize we went from a fitted knee-length shift to an A-line skirt? Not to mention the color changes.”

“I think A-line is still a good choice,” Annie said, savoring a spoonful of her chicken gumbo soup.

“Yes, but now the measurements have changed. These changes are costing me money.”

“The wedding is in two weeks. You’re probably safe with one more fitting.”

“Tell me more about Jack.”

Annie’s eyes lit up. “He’s part owner of Powell Limousine Services. Oh, and they also have a vacation rental business.”

“I’ve used his services before.”

Annie knitted her brows together. “You have? When?”

“A while back. In fact, he’s providing pick up service for me at the airport for my out of town guests. And I’ve rented a couple of houses for them to stay at. Diane …”

Annie widened her eyes. “Diane is his sister. In fact, my sister, Mary is working with Diane now.”

“What a small world.” Vicky glanced at her watch.

“Do you have to run off?” Annie said, relaxing her shoulders and slumping.

“I do, dear. I have to meet Cassie and Jessica at the dress shop. Thank God you are still the same, and no adjustments are necessary for your dress.” She pushed back her chair.

“Lunch is on me,” Annie said.

Vicky dug in her purse and fetched her keys. “Thank you. Next time it’s on me.”

Annie slid her chair out and met her halfway. She reached her arms out and pulled her in for a hug. “Everything is going to be just fine. The dresses will be beautiful, you’ll be beautiful, and it will go down as one of the best weddings in Charleston history,” Annie said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

Vicky drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Thanks for saying that. I really am happy the girls are in the wedding. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“It will be. And, you know why?”

Vicky cocked her head to the right.

“Because we’ve been best friends for many years. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we all agreed we’d be in each other’s weddings. This is just us keeping our promise.”

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