Bewitched by Atlantis Book One

Chapter 1 ~ Atlantis

Breathing in deeply, Rhea opened her sparkling green eyes, as she placed the tips of her fingers from her right hand on her throat. Slowly, she caressed her chest, as she travelled down her slender body settling in on her abdomen. Placed inside her navel was a small crystal. It was her connection, her means of travel to other places and other times. Now she was back from the future and there was this intense, heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew the importance of what she had just witnessed by the way her body felt. Time was running out.

Rhea stood up to stretch. She had been leaning against a huge pine tree for her daily meditation practice, in one of the many sanctuaries set up in her home land. She loved Atlantis and knew it was only a matter of time before it came face to face with the bottom of the ocean. Spaceships were landing daily to relocate people to other countries. Rhea and her three closest friends, whom she called her ‘clan’, had yet to leave Atlantis. They didn’t want to go yet as they were guardians of the people still here. Encouraging them to leave daily was taxing all of them.

Today’s meditation practice for Rhea had been different. When she connected with her higher consciousness she was taken up into space so she could see across time. She was very aware that she had left her body and was having a lucid astral travel experience. It wasn’t shocking for her to see that Atlantis had exploded in her near future, as she already knew that was coming. What shocked her was what she saw next. The majority of the souls from Atlantis were choosing to reincarnate in the masses starting in the 20th century.

It was rather interesting in how this was revealed to her. White beams of oval light were the individual souls hovering above earth. They were waiting for the parents they had chosen to create the baby body they needed. She also saw that some of the land that had been Atlantis had risen up from the ocean floor and she was amazed by this. Rhea then assumed she would see more of these souls of light gathering near that land, but that wasn’t the case. These souls were reincarnating everywhere. Particularly where the technology was being developed the fastest. Rhea could see the writing on the wall so to speak. If these souls hadn’t learned anything from the Atlantis destruction, history could repeat itself.

She could also see into the 21st century but nothing was showing up after that. It wasn’t that it didn’t exist necessarily, but her focus was rooted to that specific time period. It soon became clear to her as to why. Four of the pulsating oval lights were her with her clan. Dar, Atlan and Iltar waited alongside her above the southern middle section of Canada, but it was so close to the United States she couldn’t be sure.

On the half hour walk back home, an idea of how to intervene in the 21st century came to her via a mind to mind communication exchange she had with someone outside of her close knit group. The guardian they all turned to for guidance was no longer there but could be contacted in this manner. It was as if he was there in the flesh when the connection was made. For the rest of her walk, she expanded on the details. She knew her next action step was to call everyone in now, including the love of her life.

Visualizing each set of their eyes, she sent a telepathic message of urgency. Rhea trusted they would all soon join her and with that feeling of assurance, a sudden flash, like vision of a roaring lion, appeared in mid air.


Dar arrived to Rhea’s home first. It was a home that felt like a cave.  It was built in a circular shape, with beige clay. Gems, quartz and crystals of many colours and sizes were embedded into the roof, creating a tremendous energy current in the home and around it.

The twins, Atlan and Iltar, arrived next. Rhea’s heart skipped a beat as they approached her. Tall, muscle bound and intense, these two fraternal twins commanded attention with their very presence. Rhea and Dar had discussed on many occasions how mesmerizing they were. Rhea had to calm the flip flops in her tummy and take on the role of high priestess.

“Did you all bring your infused crystals?” Rhea asked. They all nodded as they sat down yoga style around the amethyst cluster. Placed inside the amethyst was a crystal ball. Iltar settled in next to Rhea and the others sat across from them.

Dar’s voice was soft and gentle. “What is this gathering about Rhea?”

“I have been shown again that Atlantis is on course to be destroyed by the disenchanted ones. They have continued their abuse of the mighty crystal and there is no turning back now. This land we live on is doomed, thanks to people who don’t know when to stop their experiments.”

Atlan responded with despair in his voice. “Let’s all leave now. Many others we know have already left to live on other lands.” He glanced expectantly in Dar and Iltar’s direction for backup. They nodded in agreement with him.

“Yes, Atlan, that is one answer.” Rhea could feel their anxiety rising. “There’s more to the story here though. Many people living today will reincarnate in the 1900’s and 2000 era. They are attracted to being part of civilization once again because of the advanced technological age. However, next time, the disenchanted ones could take the whole world under with their experiments, not just one body of land.”

Iltar’s sky blue eyes settled in on Rhea’s mouth. He could tell by the way her mouth moved as she spoke, as to what mood she was in. “I do not understand the time frame you speak of.”

“You have heard me talk of the Prince of Peace who will be born about 8000 years from now. This is about two thousand years after he dies.” Rhea inserted her crystal back into her belly button to signal to the group that it was almost time for the voyage to begin.

“What are we doing?” Dar asked. She knew they were going to astral travel somewhere as they had been told to bring their infused crystals. Often they would gather in a group and just go and see where they ended up, but Dar knew that Rhea had a specific destination in mind today.

Rhea flipped her long blonde hair off her shoulders as she answered. “We are going to project our consciousness to an influential writer through her dreams. She will tell stories in a book based on what we give her. We want what is good about Atlantis and how we get along with each other to be crystal clear. To show people a better way of living.”

Iltar smirked as he stated the obvious. “There has to be conflict and challenges Rhea otherwise it will be a boring book and no one with read it.” Iltar tried suppressing his laugh as he knew that would set Rhea off on a tangent. She clearly wanted to be taken seriously.

“True, but if it just the four of us impressing what we know on this writer then we are not giving the evil ones any space to do their handy work in the book. It will be an example of overcoming normal challenges and conflicts known to man throughout time. Control issues, addictions, romantic relationships and on and on,” Rhea responded, with a tad bit of exasperation in her voice.

“I don’t think that will work Rhea,” Atlan interjected. “But it’s worth a shot. Do we get to pick what character we want to be or do you have that figured out too?”

“We all get to choose who we want to be and what our characters experience. Much like before we entered the life we are living now. We all have gifts and challenges. Impress upon her how we use our gifts and how we overcome the challenges. We take the feeling of it and send it to her in blocks of thoughts inside her dream. She will feel the essence of it all and translate the messages into a book.” Rhea placed her palms facing upward on her lap and the others followed suit. “Remember, we have to do it in such a way that the author will think she is writing this book from her own imagination. It cannot be a lucid dream for her or she will be aware of us and that could throw things off. We go in the back door and fit into a dream in progress. Just follow me.”

“Wait a minute, please.” Iltar put both his arms in the air to stop the pending voyage in its tracks. “Where are we going exactly and how did you find this writer we are to impress our consciousness on?

“Her name is Connie in that time.” Rhea shifted slightly towards Iltar as she spoke. She wanted to have a stronger connection with him and wipe out the rising sense of turmoil they were all feeling. “This soul is someone we are all very close within this time. On my walk back home from the sanctuary this morning, I initiated a mind to mind communication and we concocted this plan.”

“Who is she and why should we care what happens 10,000 or so years from now?” Iltar asked.

“Because we will be there in the flesh, Iltar. I saw that too. We were hovering above the earth waiting to be born again. All four of us.” Rhea watched closely for their reactions. Dar started chewing on her jet black hair. Iltar took in a deep breath and Atlan grabbed Dar’s hand. “You will all see what I am talking about when we arrive there in a moment. After you have all processed what is revealed, turn your focus to the dream the soul is having. She is a female writer in a future time and she is there for a reason. Let us begin our journey.” Rhea nodded to each of them and added, “Assume your positions.”

Closing their eyes and feeling the magical current in their bellies from the infused crystals, their intention was to project their consciousness far off into the future and Connie’s dream was to become their land of play.

Everything was so still. They could feel themselves falling into a deep numbness in their bodies, as their mental powers increased. With a strange yet vivid awareness, they arrived in the astral realm, in a space where Connie’s higher self resided. Iltar, Atlan and Dar were intrigued to see who this soul really was and once they finished catching up, permission to enter into Connie’s cloud of dreams was granted. After all, this soul was Connie and that higher part of her knew exactly what was going on.

At first they watched the movie of her dream. She was dreaming of being in a bathtub with a desperate need to shave her legs but she had forgotten to bring her razor with her. The debate was whether to get out of the tub or not. This is where they chose to start sending her ideas. Ideas such as knowing that change came from people being conscious of their thoughts. If she really wanted the feeling of her legs being smooth, she had to take the action of getting out of the tub and getting her razor.

Each of them continued to send the emotions they wished to convey to Connie. She would be able to transcribe these feelings and emotions into blocks of thought when she chose to start writing her book. They focused on certain words, conjured up images to send her, with names of people and places. All this took place in a span of no more than ten minutes. They hoped one trip to her dream state as a group would be all it would take to get her to take action. Then they would go back on their own periodically over the span of a month.

From this point of view, they could see everything, such as part of themselves waiting to be born in this future time. It appeared that their births coincided with Connie’s, but in an area that was a short distance away from where she grew up.

When in the astral realm, whatever they put their attention on became clear and close. They could feel a pull to return to their bodies in Atlantis, so their attention shifted back home. So as quickly as they had found Connie’s dream cloud, they descended back into their own bodies in Atlantis as they bid their soul friend goodbye.

Chapter 2 ~ Connie’s Sky Parlour

“They are beautiful!” Connie Stone kissed her husband David’s cheek, as she held the Gerbera daisies he had just given her. She had been climbing up the stairs to go to the attic when he came along with the hot pink and white daisy bouquet in a brown wine bottle. “Perfect timing, David. I am going to go meditate now and the aroma of flowers really helps me with that. Thank you, honey.”

David smiled and danced a little jig. “Go on, now. Get up there and discover some magic. I will tantalize your lips with mine later.” After receiving her sweet smile of acknowledgment and watching her smell the daisies again, he retreated back to the kitchen.

When Connie reached the top of the stairs, she noticed the name plaque hanging on the door that David had made her recently. Moons and stars were scattered around the words ‘Connie’s Sky Parlour’. She loved it, along with the smell of the old wood. Turning the glass door handle, common in older homes, she entered her special abode.

Walking into the room brought on the sensation of the window staring straight back at you. Pretty turquoise lace curtains adorned the old, dark wooden window frame. A flowering plant hung nearby and directly below was a day bed dressed up in a flowering patched up quilt, her great grandmother on her mother’s side, had made. An afghan, she herself had crocheted, lay over the high back of an antique rocking chair giving it a regal appearance. Her bookshelf within reach to her chair was filled with books, ornaments and pictures.

Paradise within the old Victorian home is what Connie created for herself. This was her private oasis for meditating and writing by hand. It was a technology free zone, except for when she wanted to listen to podcasts on her phone. She did this while colouring, if she wanted to learn something that interested her. If her purpose was to silence her racing mind and get connected to the divine, she would opt to sit in quiet contemplation instead.

Visions would pop up in her third eye area. The images she saw didn’t all make sense right away, but she knew they would eventually. Recording these impressions was necessary for understanding them later on. It didn’t stop her from guessing what they meant at the time she wrote them down though. Visions were not dreams, but she liked to lump everything psychic into her dream journal. Most of her dreams, thoughts and life happenings were in there.

Connie grabbed a hair scrunchie from her Asian blue flowered bowl. She had placed this delicate china bowl in the center of her round wooden table because it was good Feng Shui. It made her feel good to look at it. It made her feel good to use it. She could hear her mother’s voice in her head asking, why have nice stuff if you are not going to use it?

She could also hear her daughter Chelsea saying as a teenager, Mom, no one wears those in their hair anymore. You are so embarrassing. What Connie thought was really funny was how thongs from her childhood were now called flip flops. A thong was now a skimpy, bum irritating pantie. She recognized the similarity. Both required a period of breaking in.

As much as her daughter’s words would seem to indicate that Connie was old before her time, she did not feel that way or act that way. People were always thinking she was ten years younger than she was, so that really clocked her in to looking thirty-four. Laughing to herself, Connie stood up and walked over to the window. She thought about how nice it was to have this area of the house.

It was a beautiful windy day, which reminded her of the day that Chelsea gave birth to their grandson Cole, who was two years old already. Giggling some more, she remembered how the nurses honestly thought her and Chelsea were sisters.

Keeping the grin on her face, she settled into her rocking chair, covered up with the afghan and lit a peppermint incense stick, alongside a vanilla candle. She made herself comfortable by placing her feet flat on the floor and her palms facing up and resting on her thighs. Her head gently pressed into the cushion attached to the back of the chair. She was at the perfect angle so her head would not plop forward or backward. She had learned that the hard way.

Dropping into a deep state of awareness made your body go numb and flop around. She made sure to dress comfortably and with colours that made her feel a certain way. Today she had on her favourite grey cropped yoga pants and pink t-shirt.

Atlantis was on Connie’s agenda today. She wanted to know more about the lost continent from long ago and she had already channeled information from there to create oracle cards. It had been fairly easy for her to get the cards manufactured. She ordered them online through a wholesale supplier who created custom products.

Connie loved the cards and the messages they held. Many impressions about Atlantis had been shown to her but she wanted more. She wanted to experience Atlantis from a first person perspective and not only as a witness via visions or in her dreams. The best way she figured she could do this was to get into a lucid state and put in a request to the divine to astral travel to Atlantis.

She took meditating seriously. After all, it had changed her life. With some deep breathing and taking the time to relax her body, Connie found herself in an experience that gave the phrase ‘out of this world’ a new meaning. When she came back to full consciousness, she felt a bit miffed with the spirit guide who tricked her. On some level though, she understood why.

Connie rose up slowly to a standing position and headed over to the mini-refreshment area to fix herself a quick picker upper. Water with lemon, ginger and cucumbers always gave her more energy.

A cool breeze drifted in through the open window and caught her attention. Still feeling disheartened, she allowed the wind to distract her for a moment as she pushed open the lid on her deep brown Roll Top desk. With a big sigh, she put pen to paper and began to write. It was time for her to record what happened.

Dream Diary Entry – July 1, 2013

I have wanted to see if I can meditate myself into an ‘Astral Travel’ experience without listening to a hypnosis induction. Somehow, as I drifted into a deeper state of relaxation, I found myself saying, “Please come through me and help me find the answers I am looking for.” (A first person experience of Atlantis)

Note – my thoughts: The real Atlantis needs to be in my novel. I can’t write it properly without this knowledge and I don’t want to read what other people have written about it. I want to offer my readers an experience that they can resonate with. These people, on an unconscious level (those who are reincarnated from Atlantis from 10,000 years or more ago) will recognize what I am describing. This will cause them to access that part of their former selves and bring forth the talents and abilities they might not even know they possess. That is my intention. That is why I want to write this book. I also want to discuss hot topics and get people to think for themselves instead of being influenced by society so much. To be made aware of the control and expectations of others, instead of distracting themselves and not setting clear boundaries.


Bewitched by Atlantis: The Butterfly Mask (The Akashic Series Book 1)

Closing their eyes and feeling the magical current in their bellies from the infused crystals, their intention was to project their consciousness far off into the future and Connie’s dream was to become their land of play

Book Blurb:

As a psychic writer, Connie Stone is used to living in an imaginary world, but lately, her imagination has gotten the best of her. Ever since she connected with the lost continent of Atlantis and ancient Akashic records, she’s experienced an uptick in strange phenomena.

Her love life and her work-in-progress have taken a hit. Despite her best-laid plans, her written words are no longer her own. Someone or something is in control and she has no idea why.

Desperate for answers, she turns to a psychic hypnotist. What she discovers rivals that of anything she could have ever dreamed up for her novels. With the information at her fingertips, Connie must choose how to proceed.

Is she prepared for the next chapter in her story or have her experiences stymied her ability to move forward and stake a claim to what she wants most in the world?  Goodreads

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