You Are Not My Big Brother

You Are Not My Big Brother #civilians #victimization

and all those like her whose names have been put on the “list” ~ Review by Marie

In this exciting and heroic true story; Renee Pittman tells of her life starting from her early childhood meeting with Robert Kennedy shortly before his assassination. His apparent assassin was a person who had all the bewildered markings of a mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate. This would not be her last encounter with the machinations “Big Brother.”

Intertwined in a backdrop of historical and technical facts of the various personalities, technical devices, structures and engineering feats that make possible Big Brother’s surveillance and tracking of her, and all those like her whose names have been put on the “list”, she tells of her daily struggles to find justice and freedom and physical/mental and emotional relief for herself and the countless thousands of others who are being tracked, blacklisted, calumniated, isolated, humiliated, threatened and tortured by invasive psychological harassments and Electromagnetic direct energy weapons that are invisible but agonizingly painful, damaging and debilitating. The author is expending vast efforts, despite injuries she has been subjected to, to get the truth out, and to warn as many as possible of the dangers of the hidden, covert and vastly funded and disseminated secret war our government and other governments of the world are waging, with the use of technology that is here and is real and is in full operation, hidden in plain view against their own populations.

This is must reading for every person. Highly recommended.

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Book Blurb:

You Are Not My Big Brother” is a wake-up call in awareness and a testimony to the strength, courage, and endurance of one woman and her fight for justice for all — against the odds. The author details very personal experiences surrounding abuse and victimization by military and law enforcement using real time surveillance and highly advanced, patented, influence technology, such as directed energy weapons and covert surveillance tools.  It is a fascinating look at the cutting edge technology used by criminal elements within the intelligence community and the insidious methods they use against innocent civilians. In the post 9/11 world, these assaults could happen to anyone, so a citizen’s best defense is knowledge!

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Renee Pittman was a normal woman from a good family before she became targeted with a campaign of organized stalking and harassment, combined with constant assaults with electromagnetic frequency weaponry. Renee did not take the torture, and nonconsensual experimentation lying down. She became a vocal activist who regularly shines the spotlight on these crimes directed against ordinary citizens.

Available on Amazon: USA   CDN    UK    AU

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