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Foreward by NY Times Best Selling Author – Peggy McColl

Suspenseful story, while the main character Christian, learns who he is and the personal power he has. A science fiction novel with some positive and interesting messages for every day life. A good read!!! ~ Review by Gaye Chicoine

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Excerpt: Chapter One – Farewell Christian

It was a beautiful eighty degree day in the Hamptons. The sky was clear and the humidity was unusually low. The sun was dipping behind a small bank of light, wispy clouds emitting a rainbow of vibrant colors that filled the sky. The sound of waves curling up to the beach resonated across the neighborhood as a light breeze carried the unmistakable fragrance of summer at the beach across the yard.

This was the best time of the day. The excitement of beach goers had faded slowly as the afternoon progressed. The crickets were chirping and song birds were singing the last song of the day from their perches in the arborvitaes lining the perimeter of the property. The occasional call of seagulls strafing the beach echoed in the yard.

Christian hurried to finish with some last minute set up details. He stacked a multitude of wrapped gifts on a table in the corner of the pool deck. The caterers were hanging a big sign over the pool with Farewell Christian — Good Luck at Cal Poly printed on it as the flickering flames from the Tiki torches danced over the still pool.

Christian’s parents, Edward and Katheryn, moments before had headed inside to dress for their soon-to-be arriving party guests. They couldn’t be prouder, but as with any parents there was underlying concern with his being so far from home, more so from Edward as he was charged with safeguarding this very special young man.

Christian was headed to California in the morning to begin his fifth term in architectural studies at California Polytechnic. He had possessed a fascination with building and heavy equipment since his early childhood. In fact, he had a fascination with just about anything he saw. But designing and building, well, let’s just say he loved it. He had an uncanny knack to create, build and fix just about anything.

Edward was a cardiologist. He earned his medical degree after serving four years with the armed services, along with the help of veteran’s administration loans. He completed his residency and set up practice on Long Island twenty-five years earlier. Edward is active with the Army Reserves, holds the rank of Major, and is an active administrative board member for regional VA hospitals.

His mother, Katheryn, is a real estate attorney with a penchant for collecting. She and Edward had met when she was attending her pre-law curriculum at Hofstra University. They lost touch with each other for a time following graduation and fatefully recon­nected after bumping into each other in the Hamptons.

Katheryn’s hobby is collecting Coca-Cola® memorabilia. Her col­lection rivals that of any private collector. The only thing missing is an actual delivery truck, which I am sure she would have if she could park it in the yard.

They had planned Christian’s farewell party months earlier. Katheryn wanted it to be the event of the summer at the Asher household. As the excitement for the upcoming party grew, so did their concerns about him being nearly three thousand miles away, making for a setting of uneasy jubilation during the affair.

As Christian finished some last minute details he heard cars pulling into the gravel driveway. He peered at the gate to see who had arrived so early. The first arrivals entered through the gate and onto the pool deck, “Whew, thank god it’s you guys,“ said Christian, looking at three of his closest school friends, Maddy, Chris and Connor. “I still have to jump in the shower. Would you mind lighting the rest of the Tikis and citronellas for me while I clean up?”

“No problem,” said Maddy, giving Christian a quick peck on the cheek before he headed inside.

Maddy was short for Madison, an attractive, longtime friend. She quickly began lighting the candles and the remaining unlit torches as Chris and Connor, also longtime friends, sluggishly followed with their noses buried in their iPhones, listening as Madison barked out orders at them to bring their gift to Christian into the yard before he returned. They had all chipped in to buy Christian a signed jersey from Derek Jeter encased in a large frame. Jeter was Christian’s favorite player.

Chris, who everyone called ‘Tweet’ although Maddy sometimes called him Twit because he was constantly on Twitter reporting his every action which Maddy found disturbing, and Conner strug­gled with the oversized frame containing the signed jersey as they clumsily made their way past the shrubs partially blocking the entranceway to the yard.

”Hurry up, before he comes out again. Don’t ruin the surprise!” squawked Maddy. “Put it over there,” she ordered them, point­ing at a table snuggled in the corner of the deck behind the bar. “That’s the best place, away from all the action,” Maddy said.

“Where?” Connor asked, paying more attention to text alarms from his phone than the task at hand. Maddy grimaced and again pointed to a small, shadowy niche behind the bar that was set up in the corner of the deck.

“Over there!” Maddie said.

Christian had made his way into the house and up the back stairs towards his room. As he turned down the hallway he noticed the door to the study was shut, light on, and overheard what he was all too familiar with lately. His mom and dad were “talking”. It wasn’t an argument, but it wasn’t comfortable con­versation either. It was more a strong expression of concern by his father, Edward. “What if something happens while he’s away?” he heard his father ask.

His mother, Katheryn followed up with a reassuring, “I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s why we had him stay home for the first two years and look, nothing happened, did it? Besides, now is not the time. This is his party.”

Christian had seen this scenario play out many times over with increasing frequency as Christian’s departure for college grew nearer. Christian had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. He was unsure if these “heavy” discussions were only about their con­cerns for him specifically or if his parents were having other trou­bles and his leaving was a common ground for their conversational engagements. All he knew was that there was an uneasiness in the house that seemed to be getting worse with time.

As Christian opened the door to his bedroom, the creaking noise alerted his parents of his presence. He heard his mother in a somewhat startled voice, “Honey, is that you?”

“Yeah Mom, it’s just me,” he replied quickly. “I need to jump into the shower,” he said deep in thought, then continued asking, “Are… are you guys alright in there?” Christian asked.

In an attempt to distract from the situation, Christian’s mom opened the study door and replied as she began her way down the long hallway, looking at Christian standing in the doorway to his room, “Of course honey! We were just putting some final touches on something that is, none… of… your… business!” she said with a big smile on her face, giving him a kiss on the cheek and then quickly heading downstairs to join the increasing number of guests that were beginning to arrive.

Christian looked briefly toward the study as Edward slowly closed the door. Seeing the concerned look upon his face while trying to force a smile only served to increase the uneasy feelings Christian had in his gut. He heard Edward sigh deeply as he closed the door to his study, then the unmistakable sound of a cork being pulled from a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold.

Edward wasn’t a drinker. He enjoyed the occasional drink now and then so that’s why this seemed so unusual. Christian won­dered what was going on and continued to dwell on the situation as he got ready for the party, his thoughts eventually yielding to the increasingly noisy activity he heard outside in the yard.

Christian jumped out of the shower, dressed and headed down to the party, grabbing his allergy prescription on the way. Reaching the kitchen he glanced out the sliding glass doors leading to the pool deck holding what appeared to him to be well over a hun­dred people, mostly familiar and some unfamiliar. The deck was alive with activity. There were people talking everywhere. Some were singing, others were dancing to the variety of tunes the DJ was mixing. There were guests in a room off to the side of the kitchen, noisily admiring the hundreds of Coca-Cola collectibles his mother had gathered over the years.

Mrs. Asher was a definite enthusiast, collecting original post­ers, wall placards, vending machines, ice chests, serving glasses from Jacob’s pharmacy, which was the first place Coke was served, figurines, race car replicas, and an entire original collection of Hutchinson bottles from when Coca-Cola was first bottled in the mid 1890s through the most recent bottles, cans and gadgets. There were also framed papers and notes with Dr. Pemberton’s name or signature, the inventor of Coca-Cola. She had just about everything they made, outside of the factory itself and the famous Clydesdales; however, she had plenty of pictures and posters of both, including period sketches and paintings.

Maddy was talking with his mother and father on the deck, accompanied by his Aunt Janice and Uncle Mac who looked in at Christian with a big smile on his face and a thumbs up.

Chris and Connor had separated in pursuit of their own inter­ests. Connor’s interest lay with a tall, attractive, blue eyed brun­ette named Jamie. He stood before her with a smug look as if his advances were well received when in fact, Jamie had her eyes on Tweet who had headed over to another group of partygoers loi­tering around the car Christian and his father had slowly restored over the past few years.

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