So You Want To Be A Personal Trainer?

So You Want To Be A Personal Trainer?

A Must Read for Those Wanting to Be a Personal Trainer ~ Review by js

Gabriel Serra’s honest and authentic guide to the field of Personal Training is comprehensive and helpful to those in the field and those hoping to enter the important field of Personal Training. Mr. Serra clearly outlines the steps needed, the pitfalls, and the joys of becoming a Personal Trainer in a highly competitive market. A must read for trainers hoping to find success and fulfilment without making common mistakes while pursuing a career. Well written, entertaining, and spot-on.

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Book Description:

So you’re thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer? I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 2010 and my best advice is to know what you’re really getting yourself into first. In my first self-published ebook, I discuss the ups and downs and key tips when pursuing a Personal Training career. For the price of a cup of coffee you will learn things I wish I knew before spending lots of time and money in this career.

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Being bullied was the best thing that ever happened to me and the reason you’re reading this book today. You see, if it wasn’t for being bullied as a teen I doubt I would have taken an interest in fitness. Because of that incident, fitness became my identity, my source of comfort, and my career.

When I first got into fitness around the age of 12, I was homeless and sleeping in relatives/friends homes, New York City shelters, and parks. I didn’t own material possessions except ripped clothes, school supplies and a gym membership in Brooklyn my mom purchased for me to keep me off the streets.

Within just a few months I noticed big changes in my physique and my mood. I went from feeling weak and scared to feeling masculine and immortal. As time went on, my friends noticed a change in me and wanted to be like me. Like most people that exercise, I stuck with it because it helped me look good and feel good about myself.

People pursue the fitness industry for different reasons. I can say my reason for having a career in the industry was because I did have an interest in fitness, being around people that liked fitness, and it paid much more than any job I’ve ever had out of college. I also enjoyed the fact that I could wear shorts to work and I enjoyed the smell of a gym.

The stuff I loved about personal training was the the type of people I worked with, the freedom to construct my own workouts for my clients, the work ethic involved to building my own income, and the feeling of entrepreneurship.

The stuff I hated about personal training at first was the emphasis on making a sale without considering if I would be a good fit for a client, the cancellations clients would make, the inconsistent hours, and the fact I only got paid when I trained people.

In 2010 I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. For the longest time I felt ashamed to say this because I didn’t exactly major in Exercise Science in college. When I would talk to other Personal Trainers and they said words I never heard of, I felt like I didn’t belong and that I could never possibly be as good as them. I had to read more and practice more to fit a 4 year degree of coursework into 8 months.

So I started writing this book with my focus being to mentor future Personal Trainers. I want to share my passion with aspiring or active Personal Trainers and I want to make a difference in their lives and in their clients lives. Writing this book is a creative experiment. I have no idea if this ebook will sell any copies. It would be nice, but that’s not the main goal here. What matters to me is that what I’m doing makes me happy and benefits my readers (If I have any).

Consider every option before deciding on a fitness career. By considering the good and bad of becoming a Personal Trainer, you’re much more likely to be mentally prepared for the challenges and rewards that await you.

If you’ve been reading this far, you’ll notice my writing style is conversational. I hate writing like I’m some expert at this stuff because the truth is I’m still learning and always trying to get better. So excuse me if this book doesn’t have the best writing style because my only goal is to give you information in a casual and conversational manner.

I had a vision and decided to make this book the first installment of a series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Personal Training” for a few reasons. I want to write many installments of informative pieces for active and soon to be Professionals so that they may have access to information from someone that’s already been there. This series has taken into consideration all my years as a Fitness Professional through all my ups and downs. I hope this serves you well.

In “So You Want To Be A Personal Trainer,” I’ll be going over some of the most basic things to think about when pursuing this as a career. I think it’s important to be informed of the pros and cons to this career and to consider if this is something you want to do long term. What I have seen is that most people that begin their career as a Personal Trainer soon become disenchanted and quit within a few months of being in the industry. What they thought would be just giving clients workouts and receiving tons of fame and fortune soon settled into reality with the realization that getting clients to hire you is really hard work. This field requires tons of patience and I’m hoping after reading this book, you’re more informed about this industry.

This ebook is intended for people that are thinking of getting into the industry or just new to it. All of the content I’ve written is based off of my experiences only. I purposely decided to leave out statistics so I invite you to be skeptical and I hope you don’t base your choice of becoming a Personal Trainer solely off my viewpoint.


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