Ektek–Who will save the Animals?



Creative and well-written ~ Review by Lucidity

EKTEK” is by far one of the most unique, original and interesting reads I have came across over the past few months. I am glad to come across an author that isn’t afraid to think outside of the box and try something new that I personally consider to be far from the norm and the mainstream. Of course, for an imaginative and creative story to be done justice it must also have a strong plot structure and foundation – and in that regard, I’d say that Victoria Osborne has really pulled it off as the story progresses in a very smooth, fluid, and complete manner. I do think that some of the characters would have benefited from some more detail and better dialogue but other than that, I’d consider EKTEK to be worth the read.

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Book Description:

What if endangered animals decided they could no longer wait patiently for their own extinction?

What if they formed a secret group of resistance activists based in a zoo called Bedlam?

EKTEK like to think of themselves as an ace team of environmental warriors (ecology/technology). The truth is more surreal. Who ever heard of a frog flying a plane? Or a wallaby riding a trike? Or a Palm cockatoo piloting a wingship? Or a space ship powered by bombardier beetle juice?

Ektek by V M Osborne

Ektek activists insist on their right to survive, their right to quality of life and their right to liberty. How far will they go? How far can they go? How can they improve their conflict resolution skills?  

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