The Hilarion Connection©

The Hilarian Connection

The Hilarion Connection©

A must read book of both passion and compassion for humanity! ~ Review by Riverman

Following Marlene’s beautiful messages from Hilarion for a couple of years on has been a joy and comforting guide of wisdom and compassionate understanding. However with her new book we get to see her wonderful ability to become a scribe for Hilarion and a more detailed accounting of what He has for us to embrace and understand.

It is an amazing journey with Hilarion who reaches us at the level which we are able to understand and be comfortable with. Confirming many of our own messages as we journey together on this amazing journey.

A must read and I will read it again for there is so much to encompass for an open heart.

Thank you Marlene it is such a Joy!

Book Description:

How are you doing with your Ascension? Two thousand years ago, there were only a very few souls that were able to achieve ascension, for the Earth was covered in darkness and density. In this time of NOW, this spiritual process is available to all who are discerning enough to realize that there is something much more than they ever thought possible happening upon, within and to themselves, their planet, and all of her inhabitants. We are transforming into higher versions of our former selves! We are becoming less dense and more filled with Light, we are becoming more luminous!

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• The days upon us are filled with momentous revelations; people are awakening quickly and are now questioning the so called “authorities” they never even thought to question before.

• People are awakening in masses upon every corner of the world. There comes forth people power, there comes forth the Light of truth.

• There comes forth the demand from people worldwide for integrity in their leaders, for accountability in their leaders, and not just in their governments, but in all the old institutions that have governed this world for eons of time.

• It is the people themselves who bring positive changes, simply by the fact of their increasing numbers as they share the same thought, which is to create positive change to living a life of Truth, Integrity, Light, Love, Peace and Illumined Living.

• The higher cosmic energies have been pouring onto the Earth in ever increasing intensity of vibration and frequency and lifting and awakening you and those around you into a greater realization of your Divine origins, and this activity will continue to increase and multiply to record levels. There is no escape from this process! We are all in it together!

• Because of this, there is a greater need for knowledge to be available to these Awakened ones where they can come to learn how they may be of greater service to the Light, how they may help themselves raise their frequency levels and Light quotient, and what the Divine Plan is all about.

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