Jeb’s ABCs


Jeb’s ABCs

“This Children’s ABC Book Perfectly Skewers Jeb Bush. This is actually genius.” – Huffington Post

Konrad Juengling

From the Author – Konrad Juengling: “When I originally started this book, I thought Jeb Bush would be doing better in the polls. He had just announced that he was running, and I wanted people to know all of the horrible things he’s said in a succinct and entertaining format. I thought of doing an article with a list format, but I knew it would be better with illustrations. From that, Jeb’s ABCs was born, with it eventually being published on December 2, 2015.

Jeb’s ABCs is a satirical children’s book that uses tongue-in-cheek illustrations to emphasize how out of touch Jeb Bush is with Americans. He has disparaging things to say about homosexuals, people of color, immigrants, women on welfare, and many other groups. He basically supports heterosexual, white, wealthy men, and if someone does not fall into that category he’s not interested in their welfare – he just wants their vote.”

Book Description:

Jeb’s ABCs is a satirical children’s book based on Jeb Bush of the political Bush family. It uses real-life quotes and policies supported by Jeb, presented in an ABC format with him as a child. It is a tongue-in-cheek and factual review of what Jeb thinks about homosexuality, immigrants, and women on welfare, among other social issues.

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‘A is for Amazing’ ~ Review by Andrew Davis

This hilarious a-b-c’s book takes a hard look at Jeb Bush’s fallacious, disturbing and derogative views. By implementing the classic children’s learning manual, the book employs illustrations for each letter of the alphabet that depict Jeb’s destructive rhetoric in a light way that actually is quite heavy. The author and illustrator strike a perfect balance in this regard, being both humorous and chilling. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in politics or might be a little left-leaning it is smart and highly entertaining.


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Be sure to check this book out. It is well illustrated and the “points made” are thought provoking. ~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

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