A story of redemption and renewal by way of Taipei ~ Review by MGoodwin

With frenetic Taiwan as the backdrop, this novel captures a relationship in decline, marred by uncertainty, loneliness, and suspicion. The expat lifestyle and its trappings–drivers, maids, banquet dinners–alienate Lace, the once doting wife, and push her in search of new relationships to fill the ebb of her own marriage. As the novel progresses, her own life begins to mirror that of a coterie of Expat friends, who share tales of infidelity and alcoholism over long lunches at the American Club, where grilled cheese is served alongside tears, angst, and longing for home. The story reaches a fever pitch when loss of friends, family, and love threatens everything Lace has. Highly recommend.


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Book Description:

The story takes place in the early 1990’s, long before anyone had heard of the term “globalization”. It is set in Asia and is seen through the eyes of an expatriate named Lacey. She is a young professional who decides to become a stay-at-home mom. Her husband is offered a job in Taiwan and they decide to accept. Lacey is going to live like a queen. She will have a driver, cook, maid and paid vacations. She will have more money than she ever dreamed of. However, almost immediately, she is faced with people who aren’t who they claim to be…. and aren’t who she wants them to be.

This world is full of excitement, new experiences, feng shui, underground cities, lies, misconceptions and heartbreak. As Lacey struggles with her marriage, struggles with her new role and struggles with betrayal, she also struggles with her identity.

Unfortunately, loneliness and frustration travel the ocean. Far away from home, people’s frailties surface… the highs one experiences are higher, the lows are much lower. Lacey meets a captivating man named Steve. She flirts with betrayal and ultimately becomes a victim to his charm.


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