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First instalment in a news series, Who Am I?:

Connor has come a long way. Abandoned by his father, he had been bullied and isolated at a boarding school, with no friends and no intimates.

But that scared kid is no more. Now, Connor is a hotshot lawyer, always victorious as he champions righteous causes–and attracts many women to his side. Everything about his life and career seems to be going splendidly.

Then horror strikes. Connor starts receiving a series of sickening packages, with taunting, mysterious notes that challenge him to save a woman from imminent death.

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Meanwhile, he encounters a menacing figure from his school days, who seems strangely connected to Connor. As Connor investigates, dangerous and long-buried secrets surface.

No one is safe and no one free of suspicion, as past and present collide. Can Connor save the unknown woman–and himself? Or has he finally found a case that can’t be won?

Duplicity is a thrilling and terrifying journey into the dark side of the human heart.
Charles Anikpe

Author Bio: Charles Anikpe was brought up in Rome, Italy by his wonderful Nigerian parents. He is just 18 years old and already a prolific talent, writing while he continues to study and better himself.

His brother Franklin, named so after his father, currently resides in Germany and Charles lives alone with his mother after his father passed away 9 years ago.

As an avid reader, Charles grew up increasingly frustrated with the stories he would read and realized that perhaps he himself was at heart a writer. This was reinforced by the fact that two years ago, he discovered that before his father passed away, he would write books under the alias Barry Ries.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Charles decided to write a book using his dad’s outlining process and inspiration, to create what would become Duplicity.

Charles has created these works in homage to his incredible father and his works, and hopes that someday, he can be as great as he was.

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