From Zero to Six Figure Sales

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From Zero To Six Figure Sales With These Five Game Changing Strategies

Dynamic and practical ~ Review by Maggie Odill

Bill’s book is a must read for everyone, not just sales people. His personal story is dynamic. The idea that every person is selling all day, either to “sell” their self as a likeable person or to present some other product, is a new way of thinking for me. Although focused on auto sales, the principles would easily fit ANY selling situation. For those of us introverts he breaks down the steps in achievable ways so as not to overwhelm. It’s not charm, the steps are actual techniques that will fit any person. I also appreciate the quotes at the end of each chapter. I highly recommend!

Book Description:

Who is this book for?

If you are a Business Entrepreneur, Real Estate or Insurance Agent, involved in Multi Level Marketing, Automotive Sales, Management, Retail Sales, If you Sell a Product or Service or someone that deals with Customers and…

  • You’re tired of losing Sales
  • You’ve lost enough sleep over declining Sales
  • You want Freedom in your finances
  • You are Tired of Trading Time for Money
  • You are Tired of Making Someone Else’s Dream Come True

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This is your opportunity to Increase Sales.

Imagine – Making More Money, Creating Your Dream Life, Having Customers for Life.

Consumers Want To Be Sold.

Customers Value Time and Can Afford to Buy but They are Looking for a Professional, they will call on the Phone and shop the Internet because Consumer Confidence is at an ALL-Time low.

Walk In Traffic has Dropped Significantly over past 5 years.
Consumers Value Trust

Professional Sales Consultants have Higher Customer Satisfaction that Leads to More Referrals.

About The Author


Bill Feudale is a professional Sales Consultant, Life and Business Coach. Bill has a degree in Business Management and Marketing. He has been a successful entrepreneur. Owning a successful Automotive Retail Business that led him in a career in the Automotive Sales Industry. Bill worked his way up from a detailer to General Sales Manager for a automotive group he worked for in Michigan.

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Bill has spent 12 years in retail sales were he was recognized by General Motors as Top Performer in Outstanding Product knowledge and Customer Service. He has also been a three time People Choice Award winner for the Milford Times Salesperson of the Year. Bill has also been a corporate trainer, Sales Manager and General Sales Manager. Bill is the ultimate survival story often comparing his life to the movie Eight Mile before Eight Mile and he did not know how to sing. Bill enjoys coaching youth sports and is on the finance committee at his church. Bill is the father of three wonderful children. He is a Christian a coach and a leader.

After suffering a heart attack in August of 2014 he has been dedicated to his passion in life. His purpose is to help others achieve their dream life without having to go through a life crisis to get there.

From Zero To Six Figure Sales With These Five Game Changing Strategies

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