Coloring Stained Glass Mandalas


Coloring Diva’s 50 Stained Glass Mandalas

An Adult Coloring Book with Inspirational Quotations (Series 2)

Book Description:

Our Mandala coloring book for adults /grownups and teens is the second in the Coloring Diva series.

  • 50 beautiful mandala coloring pages for relaxation, meditation and stress-relief.
  • 50 quotations for inspiration to go with each coloring page.
  • Mandala coloring books for adults have become so popular, but so many of these are very large and heavy to carry around. We have listened to our customers, and so our books are light-weight and small enough to put into your handbags.
  • Our mandala coloring book is also an art therapy book to encourage fine-motor skills for those who have had a stroke, need occupational therapy for head injuries, or even for those suffering from dementia.
  • Whether you are a beginner or a pro in coloring in, there is something here for everyone.
  • Adult coloring books are an ideal Christmas present and stocking filler as well as good value for money providing hours of entertainment.
  • Shh! Don’t tell everyone! Coloring in, is fun and yes, it is a stress-buster!

Series 2 stained glass mandalas

Adult coloring is a step back into time when life was simple, and you didn’t have a care in the world. Reconnect with your Inner Child, the one you lost so long ago, but is still there, hovering, waiting to come out and play. These days modern living comes with too many cares and lots of stress, and so many people have discovered that using adult coloring books with lovely stress relieving patterns, such as ours, is far cheaper than a visit to a weekly therapist! Adult coloring therapy is fast gaining recognition as a great way to improve fine-motor skills, help with anxiety and stress, as well as with dementia.

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Coloring books for grownups come in lots of different shapes and sizes, however, we know that you will definitely be pleased with your purchase of our mandala coloring book of stained glass designs. Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of the book in the reviews page after your purchase. Every review is important to us and we read every one!

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Coloring Diva’s 50 Stained Glass Mandalas

An Adult Coloring Book with Inspirational Quotations (Series 2)

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