Christmas Kisses and Cookies

Christmas Kisses and Cookies

Christmas Kisses and Cookies


You’ll love this fun escape! 🙂 ~ Review by Byron J. Anderson

I knew Linda to be an excellent writer from her outstanding non-fiction books on frequencies and law of attraction, so I was looking forward to her creative storytelling. “Christmas Kisses…” is just what I had expected and hoped-for: A delightful, light-hearted romp through the classic challenges of finding true love, amidst family quirks and Holiday Season homecomings. Set in the beautiful, picture-postcard Vermont town of Kissing Bridge Mountain at Christmas time, if you like LOVE, hot chocolate and cookies! — and who doesn’t?! — you’ll love this fun escape… Enjoy! 🙂

Book Description:

Los Angeles super model, Summer Landers, finds herself stuck going home for Christmas after ten years of avoiding the heartbreak she left there. After a snowstorm hits closing most of the airports, she is forced to fly back to Christmas obsessed Kissing Bridge Mountain where people take their holidays, and cookies seriously.

[bctt tweet=”Christmas-obsessed Kissing Bridge Mountain where people take their holidays, and cookies seriously. #romance” via=”no”] Upon arrival Summer finds her family legacy in shambles. Despite the Landers winning the blue ribbon every year for decades at the Christmas Fair Cookie Competition, somehow they had been unthroned by their neighbor Mrs. Beaverton!

The Landers women, with their family curse and strange and unique talents, now must struggle to find a way to best their competition who has secretly employed the help of the Evil-Martha Stewart. Besides dealing with the crazy antics of the town people,Summer must also avoid her ex boyfriend Brad, who has returned home for the Christmas holidays as well. Now she is confronted with her feelings and the truth about that fateful night under the mistletoe so long ago..

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Mistletoe kisses and cookies are too much to deal with, and try as she might it looks like Summer is destined to relive the worst nightmare of her life. Luckily, Christmas brings miracles and Kissing Bridge is full of them so anything can happen…

This is a hilarious light hearted and charming romance about a delightfully funny family and their determination to win the prestigious Christmas cookie competition against all odds. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face and uplift your heart and make it a truly magical blue ribbon Christmas!

Author – Linda West

Linda West

Hi I’m Linda! Thanks for coming by to check out my books! I’m a mom to a wonderful young son who is the light of my life and keeps reminding me how lucky I am everyday. I was inspired to write my first Christmas novel because I couldn’t find one that quite captured the happy go lucky holiday spirit I was looking for – so I wrote my own! I grew up in the snowy winter wonderland of Buffalo, New York which was the the inspiration for the town of Kissing Bridge Mountain in ‘Christmas Kisses and Cookies’. After living for years in sunny shallow Los Angeles I learned how valuable family and the Christmas spirit really is. (Read more on Linda West’s Author Page on Amazon)

Christmas Kisses and Cookies

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