Why he married her

Excerpt from Dream The Answer: 30 Day Challenge (See about me page for more excerpts)

Today I celebrate my Grandparents Anniversary in my heart 🙂 (My mother’s parents) October 24th marks a very important date in our family. Cheers to celebrating their love!


My father’s parents passed away when I was a pre-teen / teen, so I do not have the same experiences with them. However, knowing what I do, I can contact them at anytime and intend to do so going forward.

Continuing with stories involving my mother’s parents…

It brings me supreme joy thinking about how I would light up my grandma’s life by telling her of my psychic experiences. She was fascinated and open to hearing what I had to say. What I loved about her (and still do as I know she exists in spirit form) was her childlike wonder with an infectious laugh and the most beautiful green eyes you ever did see. I can feel her right now as I write this.

I am guessing the year to be about 2001 when the following experience happened. grandpa passed away in 1998 and it was a few years after that, I think. I would have been in my early 30’s and my grandma was about 94 at the time. (She lived to be 99 and a half)

One night while I was sleeping, I left my body to astral travel. Somehow, I ventured to their farm (which seems to be a place I am drawn to) My grandpa was lying in their bed and he was clutching his side in terrible pain. I noticed he was on grandma’s side of the bed.

While attempting to send him hands on healing and praying for him, I asked him, “You are dead grandpa, how can you be in pain?” In response, he rose up out of his body to come to me in spirit form. The body on the bed then transformed into my grandma. (Note: my grandma had serious issues with her stomach unbeknownst to me at the time)

He proceeded to tell me all the things he had loved about my grandma and why he had married her. She was full of life. He never knew what she was going to do which was exciting for him. She was passionate and funny. Her heart was so full; she loved deeply and was very protective and involved with her family. He went on to say how smart she was and how they learned from each other. They were a match and he loved her so much then and still does. I could feel his feelings. It made me yearn for a match like that for myself. Maybe that was what he was trying to invoke in me.


You have to feel it to attract it!


There was this woman behind him saying to me, “I am the Mom. Caroline. I am the Mom.” I wasn’t sure whose mother she was. I did not recognize the name or her. She showed herself to me as a young version of herself. Actually, grandpa did too. He looked as he had looked in his thirties and he was such a handsome man. I thought maybe this woman was my grandpa’s mother or grandmother.

As usual, when I have an experience such as that, I get this feeling in my abdomen that will not go away until I say something to somebody. The feeling you get when you have to get up on stage and talk. That’s my cue to start sharing. When I could not stand it any longer, I phoned my grandma.

Recounting the dream to her, I could feel her silence and wonder. I asked her who Caroline was. Did she know anyone by that name? As it clicked for her, she gasped and eagerly told me how that was her mother. I did not recall that being her mother’s name. Turns out it was her mother’s middle name. Her first name was Maude.

My grandma was so thrilled that I had been in contact with grandpa and her mother. Feeling her happiness as I express this story brings it all back to life again. It makes me feel truly blessed to have had the grandparents I did. (On both sides of the family) In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says there is no place like home. No wonder I loved that movie so much as it resonates with my own life.

Of course, we have our challenges but for the most part, my family is wonderful.  We learn and grow together. There is a solid foundation which makes it easier to exist in the world. Feeling grateful and blessed 🙂

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson


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