A well developed science fiction tale ~ Review by Jennifer

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the box-office smash “Lucy” well, do not miss out on Nyxe; she could easily stand toe to toe with the aforementioned heroine. The author has a definite voice and this is not another predictable “impending doomsday” story.

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Nyxe is genetically enhanced and awakens in a research facility after a post-apocalyptic catastrophe took place, and has been saddled with a huge task of rebuilding the world as we know it, with the help of an AI presence. I feel like people even in futuristic times of post-apocalyptic worlds, wish they could get back to nature, to simplicity; a world that seems more authentic and less automated.

Reminds me of why I have a good deal of respect for science fiction writers. It can’t be easy to create or build upon a world in an era that technically “hasn’t gotten here yet”. Read and enjoy.

Book Description:

Nyxe… a genetically enhanced young woman awakens in an underground facility where she discovers a mission left behind by her forefathers – rebuild the earth.

After waking up nearly 400 years into the future at an underground research facility long after our world destroyed itself, Nyxe finds herself alone and abandoned. The only candidate left to rebuild our shattered world with the help of an Artificial Intelligence designated to be her caretaker.

Chances of her rebuilding our world alone though? Slim, maybe none. From the hardships of uncovering our dark history to the battles ahead in reconstructing a colony capable of sustaining human life – Nyxe, the girl once known as ‘Test Subject 17’ has her work cut out for her with no other option but to press on no matter how turbulent the storm gets.

Determined and sure yet still human – can this woman really be the only hope mankind has left?

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