Life’s Little Book of Survival Quotes

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Good for Whatever Aches ~ Review by Poesis – I never use quotes when speaking or in my writing. It’s unoriginal. Stiil, I read them. They color a human being. They give him or her a flavor I can perceive. And mostly, it’s a voice telling me something I sometimes desperately need to hear. This collection was gathered with loving hands.

Excerpt of Book Description:

A once confident, self-assured husband, father and businessman, his life was broken. He was left only with his faith in God, and the words of the authors he’d been encouraged by over the years.

Life’s Little Book of Survival Quotes was written for people who are experiencing similar struggles. Containing words of comfort, support and advice, it’s the constant companion that can lift your spirits and keep you hanging in there during your worst of times and even your best of times.

An abundant variety of the most inspirational quotes of all times is broken into categories to remind you that no matter how you’re feeling at the moment or what you’re going through, it WILL NOT last forever.

Each quote represents what many others like you have experienced and survived. And each chapter ends with valuable tips and survival stories of notable people that you’ll surely recognize.

Do you sometimes feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel?

Have the right words ever gotten you though a very tough day?

Would you like to have the perfect words at your fingertips for just about any occasion or frame of mind?

Do you want an extensive collection of quotes that are categorized into user-friendly sections?

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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During times in your life when you’re plagued by worry, fear, disagreement, rejection, disappointment or uncertainty, Life’s Little Book of Survival Quotes is a powerful survival guide to help you reclaim your passion, your belief in possibilities, and your inner peace.

This is an absolute tour de force as far as useful, inspirational and motivational quotes are concerned. The author proves by example that when life’s losses occur, everything can be taken away from you except your inner resolve. These quotes aren’t merely fun to muse over (although they are that) but add up to a mindset of determination, and a personal philosophy that one can choose to persevere. Very well done! ~ Review by Wendy Goldstein Davis

Life’s Little Book of Survival Quotes

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