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Go From Negative to Positive and Achieve Happiness and Success For Life

Guest Post by Harvey Segler

Hi everybody!

My name is Harvey Segler, I am from Sweden and me and my co-writer have written the book ”Positive Thinking”. Why? Because we thought there was no other good book that could help you become a more positive person. Or there was, but only some 800 page books and we know that not everybody have time to read 800 pages. We want to help as many people as possible as fast as possible. So we compressed all the good you can find in other books on the same topic, added some extra and now we have a super book. Just under 100 pages with tips and tricks that can change peoples lives.

My both parents are Psychologists and that is why I started to be interested in the mind and how you can change it to a more positive and happier one. As I often was pretty negative I heard people saying things to me, ”Don’t be a pessimist” or ”I hate to be with you when you are so negative”. I got a bit upset and even more negative but one day I realized I had to change it. I learned about it and soon I was one of the most positive guys you could imagine. But I wanted to help others with the same problem as well.

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So me and my co-writer started writing this book. He is the writer but most of the book is my words and thoughts. That is why I am so fired up about it. If I am able to help only one person I will be super happy about it. For fact I know that I have already helped more than one person. The book has 80 reviews on Amazon and 75% is 5 Stars. 4.7 out of 5 in ratings.

So why do I do this post? Well, I want to help as many as possible but there was a pretty big cost to write this book…. So in 5 days we will have to raise the price. We still try to keep it as low as possible. At the moment the price is $2.99 but soon it will be at $3.99. As I said, we will still try to keep it low.

If you are a bit negative or just not as positive as you would like to be I think you really should get this book. In the beginning of the launch I was more insecure. Do these strategies really work?? I knew they had worked on me but would they work for everybody else as well? I didn’t know…

But my friend and co-writer convinced me and we launched the book. Now I am sure that almost everyone will benefit from this book. I mean come on, 70 positive reviews!? That must be a good sign. This is what Sophia wrote just 5 days after the launch:

I knew that the quality of your thoughts determines how you perceive the world and attract new things/people/situations in your life, but HOW to starting thinking more positive and be less gloomy? I’ve read quiet some books on this subject, most with good advice, but nothing that really worked for me for longer then 2 days. I was therefore drawn to this book, since the first chapter starts with “it would be a lit to tell you that positivity comes easily to everyone”. Yes, recognition! This book focusing on the technique of learning to focus on the good, even if your world seems to fall down on you. Not in a forced way, pretending that the bad isn’t there, but by accepting the s*** you’re in, but still trying to find some good things, because there always are! This approach resonates with me, it’s doable. This is just a short guide, but I feel this can finally shift my outlook to life.

So if you want the book click the link. At the time there is only a Ebook but soon there will be a paperback for sale as well. If you want the paperback, click the link and add the book to the which list on Amazon. And you will be able you come back in some days and get the paperback.

By the way! If you buy the book and don’t think it was worth $2.99 you can easily get the money back! You get 100% back without answering any questions. Great ha?

What do you have to lose!?

Get this book today! You don’t deserve to be negative, depressed or sad. You deserve positivity! Just click the link and you will have the book on your computer/kindle/phone in some seconds!

Click here to get the book!

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