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A revolutionary look at interviewing and the hiring process ~ Review by TFLReader TOP 500 REVIEWER

I have worked for large corporations for many years in which I have participated in antiquated hiring processes and found it to be very frustrating. Having run my own small businesses for several years now, I wanted to do something different and was thrilled to come across author Ozan Dagdeviren’s “Creative Hiring“. I found this to be a refreshing and revolutionary look at the hiring process that throws a lot of the old ideas about recruiting out the window. Personalities and belief systems are so important in the workplace and this is very central to a lot of what the author brings into his methods. A very worthwhile read for anyone looking to make a positive change in their hiring practices.

Book Description:

“A tool for better human-centered decisions.”

The ability to see ideas, beliefs, intentions, ambitions, expectations, values and personalities of other people is the single most valuable, lifelong asset anyone can have.

Those who achieve an analytical understanding of how people think, act and behave, gain great insight to make the best human related decisions possible in the workplace.

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Creative Hiring introduces The Pinnacle Model which describes the job interview in which both parties mutually enjoy, learn and improve themselves. Most importantly, it aims to accomplish this while elevating and improving the interviewer to see behind the mask of business formality, and decipher the competencies and qualities of the candidates with a high degree of precision.

Creativity. Curiosity. Collaboration. Genuineness. These are the central concepts the model is built upon.

As a unified theory of in-depth human interaction that can be used both in and out of the business setting, Creative Hiring is a must read for any recruiter, hiring manager or human resources professional.

Ozan Dagdeviren

Ozan Dagdeviren believes in a future in which technology depends on “human sciences” more and more. The main focus of his works are human behaviour, critical thinking, art of happiness and social redesign. Visit Ozan at his website – and LinkedIn.

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