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Crisis Intervention 101

 Crisis Intervention 101  Paperback available on Amazon!

50% of the proceeds from this book are donated to advocacy organizations.

“When I read the statistics, it was clear to me why this is a must read, not just for law enforcement but everyone. 60% or more of people diagnosed with a mental illness will come in contact with a law enforcement officer or first responder, which means that the way we talk to people should really change from the current “authoritative” way. This book gives a great overview on mental illness as well as how to actively listen and react in a crisis. I felt that this book is comprehensive and easy to read while presenting some essential knowledge!” ~ Review by cc2015 TOP 1000 REVIEWER

Crisis Intervention 101 gives a simple overview of:

  • Mental health
  • Calls first responders most often are called to
  • Reasons why a crisis can happen
  • How to verbally de-escalate a crisis

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Linda Flanders is a former San Francisco police detective.

Excerpt from the Book Description: These skills are taught in a common sense approach, and are appropriate for law enforcement, emergency responders, school personnel and advocates. They can also be learned by anyone. They should be learned by everyone.

Used across the nation, these de-escalation steps are a change to the traditional authoritarian model. Rather than giving orders, we learn how to “actively listen.” The book uses pictures and short descriptions to show how to build a truthful and honest rapport with another person and how to offer options; allowing a person time to choose the best option under the circumstances.

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These are human communication skills and can be mastered by us all. Imagine the difference if we did. Imagine a world if we do.

This basic book includes links to two accompanying videos. These short videos show an overview of a mental health crisis and examples of the verbal de-escalation steps in action. The book and videos are used in a crisis intervention advanced training designed specifically for rural law enforcement.

The class is approved by Minnesota Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) for continuing education credits for law enforcement. It can be adapted for anyone who works with people in crisis.

50% of the proceeds from this book are donated to advocacy organizations: 25% to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) St. Croix Valley 25% to HOPE Coalition to end child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and homelessness.

 Crisis Intervention 101

Linda Flanders is a former San Francisco police detective. She spent many years working with child victims of trauma. She is a Feldenkrais Practitioner © with over 20 years experience working with atypical children. She’s a published author, a videographer and continues to work in the field of criminal and social justice. She is currently working with HOPE Coalition in Red Wing, MN.

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