Zombie Rush


Zombie Rush

This is a solid story. Mister Hansen takes zombpoc and gives it a fresh spin with characters that you can relate to. Set in an environment that is fleshed out to the point where you can easily see the map in your head. This in now in my top five zombie books of all time. Get it, you’ll thank me. ~ Review by Larry D. Phelps

Book Description:

New to the Hot Springs PD Lisa Reynolds was not all that welcomed by her coworkers especially those who were passed over for the position. It didn’t matter, her thirty days probation ended on the same day of the Z-poc’s arrival.

Overnight the world goes from bad to worse as thousands die in the initial onslaught. National Guard and regular military unit deployed the day before to the north leaves the city in mayhem. All directions lead to death until one unlikely candidate steps forward with a plan.

A plan that became an avalanche raging down the mountain culminating in the salvation or destruction of them all.

Rush to get this book! ~ Review by Allen Gamboa

I really enjoyed Joe Hansen latest zombie epic. Imagine your first day on the job in a new town and you have to deal with a horde of hungry undead ravaging your town. This is the brilliant premise of Zombie Rush. Filled with blood and guts and lots of action this book is for fans of the genre and horror fans in general. Rush out to get this little epic before the curfew is enforced.

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