The How-To at the Academy for you

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September Sale: The How-To at the Academy for you

For the month of September the Shining Biz & Life Academy is giving everyone the one thing we that is being asked for the most, an extended payment option. For the month of September ONLY you can register for the Academy with a 12-month payment plan.

I’ve never done this before and I’m not likely to do it again so if the Academy sounds like a good fit for your community now is the time to share. ~ Leonie Dawson

I have joined the Academy now and I must say I am blown away by all that is offered. I feel like I have walked into a candy store and where do I start? Luckily, there is a page that gives my kid-like self some instructions to follow. Of course, one of the main carrots for me in the Life section is the Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit.

What I was really looking forward to was joining the mastermind group. It is a great way to network with fellow entrepreneurs. There are two groups! One for Business and one for Life.

For over a year now, I have been wanting to join the Academy but I didn’t have the money upfront to pay for it. Imagine my excitement when I got the notice of the September Sale! Woo hoo!

Let me tell you about Leonie and you will see why I was anxious to join. This is truly a woman I resonate with!

  • She’s a woman who really walks her talk.
  • She’s managed to create a million dollar a year company, working a few hours a day, spending loads of time playing with her family + making art + living a really fun + full life.
  • She believes in making this world an amazing place by giving generously to causes she believes in.
  • She set up the Academy so you can go at your own pace.

Testimonial 2

I can’t begin to tell you how much I really resonate with Leonie – and I think you will too. (PLUS: she knows her stuff when it comes to business!)

Description: The Shining Biz & Life Academy is a training academy and mastermind, which gives you over $10 000 (!!!!!!) of business and marketing programs to create a powerful and profitable business, zen-your-mind meditations, creativity courses to supercharge your right brain, spirituality guidance for everyday life and home and health e-courses to help you live your best life yet. It’s a complete toolkit for transforming your WHOLE biz and life, whatever you want to focus on.

Go to the link above to see a ton more information about Leonie and the Academy! Please share this post if you know of anyone who might need it. I hope you’ll check it out.

Be sure to check out the “Reviews” tab on that page. It’s full of the amazing, inspiring stories. Definitely wonderful to see success stories. These are women you can connect with to enrich your life in so many ways.

Here’s the link again – take a moment to take a look!


Seann Vinyasa-Billson

PS: Investing in your own education is the very BEST way to make your dreams come true! Because I believe in Leonie’s platform, I have also signed up as an affiliate to spread her work. ) FYI – this posting contains affiliate links) Click through below, and check her out.

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