The Awakening Moment

The Awakening Moment SM

The Awakening Moment: New Beginnings on Amazon!

Very Nurturing & Supportive Book For Starting Over Again !!! ~ Review by Elizabeth Goldberg

Great stories and inspirations! There are a lot of uplifting chapters in this book. The Author (Aurora Wilson) language was blunt, encouraging, and most importantly, honest. She did not hold back talking about how she views the process of starting over again. She overcame her own challenges and now her book inspires me to do the same. Feel like I’m “ON FIRE” now!

Book Description:

The Awakening Moment is a book that will awaken you to the life you were born to live. This book and journal is for all who are striving to live their purpose filled life. Through these pages you will heal, overcome and experience a breakthrough on a new level to experience something that you have been waiting for, happiness.

When you awaken not only will happiness follow you; a new person and new possibilities will emerge. Possibilities that your visions manifest, advance your career, own a business, travel, build healthy relationship and mostly importantly live authentic and walk in confident. Once you awaken you are not merely alive, but are awakened to a life that you were never aware existed in the past.

Aurora Wilson

Aurora Wilson is the founder of Aurora Health Care Advocacy (AHA) and Aurora Wilson Ministries. Co-founder of iCoach & Co. and the Christian Speakers In Business (CSIB).

Aurora has a passion for teaching all about living in truth, defining purpose, and letting their light shine to live a brilliant life. Aurora is an ordained minister, a certified life coach, advocate, and is the author of several books including Inspiration: A Woman’s Spiritual Triumph and Step Into Your Vision 2.0 featuring Les Brown, John Assaraf and other inspirational leaders.

She is also a mother and grandmother, an avid traveler, enjoys volunteering.

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