Shadows Chasing Light


Shadows Chasing Light

Shadows Chasing Light

This work has moments of pure creative genius, and that can’t be said for many other debut poetry books – even those released by renowned presses. For this reason and because it unabashedly embraces all the emotion that is romantic poetry, it’s well worth a read, especially for those new to poetry and needing an introduction into the genre.”
-Cameron Conaway, author of Caged: Memoir of a Cage-Fighting Poet and Until You Make the Shore


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Book Description:

Many times, the strength and emotional impact of an artist’s work is measured by the manner in which they unveil the delicate, fragile and most vulnerable parts of themselves. Through this process, they take their audience on a journey of sights and sounds, boldly exploring a wide range of human expression and emotions. As they weave in and out of the brighter and darker aspects of reality, these expressions draw heavily from the dense core of one’s psyche and elemental nature. Who we are and how we relate to the world speaks volumes of our person before words have formed.

Shadows Chasing Light is a poetic narrative written in a literary tradition that deeply explores the experiences, challenges and triumphs of a soul in the midst of revelation-a revelation of itself. Capturing snapshots of grief, happiness, unrequited love and an infinite longing for the formless unseen, the work is built upon central themes of awakening, remembrance and reconnecting to one’s soul purpose. In this work, Brian Bowers offers you an invitation on a journey to rediscover, reclaim and remember oneself through honest and raw creative expression-shared from his soul to yours.


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Author Brian Bowers is also a singer, pianist and amateur photographer. Visit his website  and on Instagram!

On Brian’s Instagram page, you will find pictures of hand written notes. Such as, “Warning signs – careful with those too comfortable sitting with you in your dark but are too afraid to walk with you in your light – caution.”

Shadows Chasing Light

…is a book you hold in your hands! Hardcover. It has been known to evoke deep emotions. Makes a great gift! (including for yourself)

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