Sex, Lies, And A Charter School

Sex, Lies and Scandal SM

A very good narrative that should be read by all. Review by Norris D.

This book is intriguing because it exposes the inside of what happens at these schools if we don’t pay attention. Beyond being interesting, it is a fantastic read which is well written from an ordinary perspective that makes the reader at home within the writers thoughts. The writer and reader make the journey together and discover what’s happening at this particular school with the faculty, staff and students. The best part is that after reading the entire book, you are left with a blazing question, “WHY?”. Regardless if you have children in a school system, a child too young to be in a system yet or if you are a concerned citizen who may want to help or become educated on what is happening to contribute to the continued delinquency and regression of our children and by extension society, “You definitely should read this book!”.

Book Description:

Sex, Lies and Scandal. Oh My! Did that actually happen in the teachers’ lounge? Not to mention the mishandling of school funds! What should have been a liberating teaching experience turned out to be a journey of a different sort. Jacoby White left corporate America to make a difference by teaching and mentoring inner-city youth at a charter school. Little did he know that he would be the one taught an invaluable lesson!

Attention! This is not the book for you if:

  • You are looking for a feel good story!
  • You believe that the education system is fine!
  • You do not care about the future of our country!
  • You do not mind your tax dollars going to waste!



Dikombi Gite is a native Houstonian and has worked as an IT Project Manager directing large-scale projects in the airline, telecom, and oil & gas sectors. While working in the private sector, he also spends his personal time speaking at local inner-city schools. Having grown up in inner-city Houston, Dikombi understands the meaning of hard work and succeeding when the odds are stacked against you. Because of the trials and tribulations he endured as a child, he’s made helping children a priority. So in 2007, he decided to pursue his dream of teaching. He, like most, believed changing the mindsets of the children would be easy. However, he quickly discovered it was the mindsets of the adults that needed changing first.

Sex, Lies, And A Charter School: The Misappropriation of Your Tax Dollars

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