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Weather Wits and Science Snickers: Corny Jokes and Cool Facts!

Mr. LaNore has shared some corny jokes, that the kids really enjoy. He has also taken some interesting, yet sometimes hard to explain, subjects and he has explained them in a very kid friendly way. Even though it is geared for 3rd or 4th graders and up, I have used a couple of the lessons with my high reading 1st graders and will use more of them next school year. I will also be using the supplemental teacher guide and student workbook that Steve has recently published…they are good resources too. ~ Review by  Theresa Littlefield

Excerpt from Book Description:

See how fun and science blend together into an easy and informative read for ages 8 and up.

Weather Wits & Science Snickers” offers weather and science jokes accompanied by full-color comic-book style illustrations followed by an understandable description of the science within each joke. The reader will enjoy some “cool” real-world images included in each section, and Web links provide plenty of opportunity for further exploration of each topic.

Subjects covered range from tornadoes to cold fronts, and even vacuum cleaners on the moon!

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Look inside the book on Weather Wits and Science Facebook Page. And…visit for the student workbook. (His other book about Tornadoes too!)

This is a large (8-1/2″ x 11″) high-quality color paperback book; 64 pages.

Weather Wits & Science Snickers” is authored by a 9-time award winning broadcast meteorologist with 29 years in the field.

Weather Wits” uses corny jokes and cool science facts together so that the reader will laugh and learn at the same time.  Teachers and parents alike have shared success stories of the giggles kids got while reading it, and also their high retention of the material. Adults who enjoy silly humor will also find it a fun read! ~ Steve LaNore

Weather Wits and Science Snickers: Corny Jokes and Cool Facts!

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