Attracted to him like a vampire

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Have you ever flipped through books on Amazon looking at the cover and description only? I must say the cover for this book and the description are excellent BUT looking into this book gives it the attention it deserves. Excerpt below review!

He was a real badass, and I was attracted to him like a vampire is enticed to the fresh, savory blood of a virgin. – Kara Salinger Morino (main character)

Excerpt of Book Description:

Kara begins her journey as a youthful innocent woman who marries the town bad boy against her parent’s wishes. A James Dean rebel clone…”THAT GUY”. You know the type because we have all had one of those in our past. Am I right? Though her bad choices bring her face-to-face with the dark side of human nature, Kara’s heartfelt desire to find a pure and everlasting love give her the courage to take chances.

This is the story of Kara and her quest to find her voice, freedom from her past and her own identity. She is a strong spirited female with a snarky attitude and an often-colorful viewpoint on life. Kara is no Barbie doll (either in build or temperament) and thus, her tale will relate to many female readers.

‘Take a Piece of My Heart’ is Kara’s journey of love, friendships, romance, lust and loss. She learns slowly that mistrust, love and hatred of some people may require a second chance.

This “New Author” has a bright future in the book world!

I was so impressed with this story,I could not put it down! What a great story! This story has everything you want in a good book.You have a great story line,drama,(what’s a story without drama?) Great characters,fun and tons of good ole down to earth humor! I’m tellin’ya,Sadie and Krista are a hoot!! I just loved those two! And put those two in the same room together and you are in for a treat!

The characters are all so down to earth and just as much fun as your true life friends.You really connect with these characters.You feel what they feel and it’s like they are people you know in real life.I really connected with Kara and DJ from the start.Once I started reading this I was hooked.From the very first page! – Excerpt of review by Brenda Romine


Duffy, Diane Rose. Take a Piece of My Heart (Kindle Locations 107-127).

So this is what it feels like to hit rock bottom and join the ranks of the scum of the earth. I feel intense pain as my arms are jerked behind my back. Seriously, is it really necessary to be so rough when I’m obviously not resisting? When I hear the click of the handcuffs and feel the tightness around my wrists, it becomes quite evident this cop has either a vendetta against women, or little-dick syndrome.

I glance over at Danny as he is being questioned, not detecting a smidgen of remorse in his expression. I can only overhear bits and pieces of his conversation, but what I do hear turns my heart to stone. Any love I ever had for this man completely broke away and melted like ice in a kiln from my wounded heart. He’s conversing with the good cop because it seems I apparently got assigned the bad cop. As I eavesdrop from afar, Danny is insisting to the good cop, She needs to be arrested. I want to press charges so take the bitch to jail.

I’m thinking to myself that Danny will not get the satisfaction of watching me cry again. The bad cop starts frisking and feeling me out, and I look around at my neighbors and friends who are enjoying the spectacle in our yard when the floodgates of tears open with a vengeance. So much for that no crying intention. I’m not in the least too proud to beg Mr. Bad Cop to pretty please not take me to jail. I ramble on, professing about how I am so terribly sorry and it was all a huge misunderstanding. Many times I repeat what a good person I actually am, and that jail is most certainly not the place for a decent person such as myself. I continue to plead and sob but Mr. Bad Cop just snickers, ducks my head and shoves me in to the back seat of his police car—the very smelly and disgusting police car, to be precise. Not that I’m one to complain or anything, but Mr. Bad Cop was not very gentle and the police car is really smelly and disgusting like it should be a coroner’s vehicle. You must get the drift, right? But it’s not in my nature to whine. Who am I kidding? Silently in my mind I’m complaining, whining, cussing and downright fuming. However, what I feel the most is betrayed and alone.

I take one final glimpse around. I observe Danny still recounting his version of the story to Mr. Good Cop while staring at me with that hoity toity smug look on his face. If at all possible, I would go back and kick his teeth down his throat and make this degradation all really worth it. The neighbors have varying expressions on their faces, kaleidoscoping from sympathy, to remorse and a few in obvious titillation.

Yay me-hell on earth, the pokey here I come.

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