No money down in REAL ESTATE

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I’ve been following Richard’s information since 1997 or so and I can whole-heartedly recommend this book. His methods are not the same old, same old, tired advice you get from a hundred other real estate gurus. This book does not give you the whole story but is a very good primer. Real estate investing require an ongoing education process and following Richard will make you and keep you successful. This is a really good read for those interested in learning more about real estate investing. ~ Review by Philip E. Davis

Book Description:

Real estate investing has been around for centuries. The idea of buying real estate no money down has become the butt of many jokes, but the reality is that it can be done. I’ve done it over 500 times. Many of my students across the U.S. and Canada have bought no money down real estate hundreds of times.

Real estate investing has long since been one of the greatest ways to grow wealth and generate cash. Not only do you benefit from tax advantages, appreciation and cash flow, but you can make money while working at home. Either as a part time or full time real estate investor.

Because the systems I use and teach are easily duplicated, you can take these lessons and learn to be a real estate investor using no money down buying techniques and working at home without using any of your own money or credit.

In this book, I share with you hundreds of lessons that I’ve learned, applied and taught to real estate investors throughout the U.S. Techniques that have made me and my students hundreds of thousands of dollars buying real estate no money down. Many of my students start with no money or no credit while working a full time job. Starting as a real estate investor allows them to work from home and start on a small scale and ramp up when they are ready.

How many houses you buy and own is up to you. I show you how to buy houses using no credit, and no money of your own. You scale it to the level of income you want to achieve.

How to Make Money Working at Home as a Real Estate Investor: A Compilation of Lessons Learned from No Money Down Real Estate Investing


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