Empress State of Mind



 Sublime, powerful & inspiring. A gem. ~  Review by Danielle Raine

I love this book. It’s beautifully written, inspiring, so insightful and such a pleasure to read. I start my days with one short chapter, and it gives me a positive theme or intention to focus on throughout the day. Each section is full of so much heart, wisdom, comfort and poetry. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to find more joy, soulfulness, power and fulfillment. A gorgeous read and an easy way to enhance and upgrade your life – inside and out.

Guest article by IAMCITIZENJANE

Change doesn’t always have to be scary or abrupt or some outside force pulling the rug out from under us. Change can be an exciting, exhilarating catalyst for new life, creation and magnificent experiences. We humans sometimes forget that if things (like, life!) are not growing, expanding, and evolving, death tends to settle in—but we can challenge death with rebirth. We can decide to try something new, to be innovative, inventive, open, with new ideas and new ways of doing and being, and put a fresh spin on an old way.

EMPRESS STATE OF MIND is a book of focused awareness, a metaphysical coloring book, to stir the gifts of creativity, resourcefulness, and abundance–all which flow so naturally from the feminine aspect—a space that resides in both men and women.

EMPRESS STATE OF MIND offers concentrated exercises to not only create, but to enjoy amazing, infinite experiences. The intention of the book is to remind and return the reader to the Love Supreme they were born to be and to then, marry Heaven and Earth, “on the regular.” Meaning, bring the divine into the everyday. Infuse the mundane with the supernatural.

Here’s a Love Potion to Captivate and Call You Back:

Be not a slave to the weight of life. Be of good courage and daringly delight!

Let the art, beauty and spirit of the “she” revolution rise in you. Shine with evolutionary receptivity and flow ride the tides of time. Today. Now. Take charge!

Stir it up. Shake it up. No two days were ever meant to be alike!

The Empress State of Mind calls forth change in routines, reactions, awareness—life, as you know it. It calls forth the unknown from the known, the unseen from the seen, the spirit from the flesh. It calls forth responsibility as a divine being, an endowed creative creature, to consciously participate as you create—because you are always creating.

Allow your divine feminine, your Empress self, to not only inspire and enchant, but to save the world and love the planet.

EMPRESS STATE OF MIND:The Art, Beauty & Spirit of the “She” Revolution


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