The Waist Management System



Perhaps the easiest way to sum up Windross’s advice is this: it is practical advice bolstered with well-researched and carefully-presented scientific evidence. The author is well informed, not only of the various health myths and facts that pervade our world, but also of the social influences and advertising that contribute to the unenviable fat culture of modern America and Britain. ~ Excerpt of review by BeginsInWonder

Guest article by Dr. Peter Windross

Have you ever noticed that diets don’t work in the long term? They are a bit rubbish. Most of us dieters steadily gain weight by putting on everything we’ve just lost, plus a little more.

Our bodies and brains are hard wired for a world we no longer live in. Our genes want us to live as hunter gatherers. But we are surrounded by more food than we know what to do with. Our bodies lay down excess energy for a famine that never comes. We are very good at it.

The bad food tastes so good. It is nice to eat food with high calories. This used to confer a survival advantage which is why we all try to eat as many calories as we can find. We then try to lie about, conserving as much as we can.

The Waist Management System shows in detail where it all goes wrong, why our waistlines are expanding and why it isn’t all our fault.

Modern medicine and psychology now offer us help to reverse the downward spiral.

Great, Holistic Lifestyle Program To Achieve Weight Loss ~ Excerpt of review By Laura Bradford

In this book, Dr. Peter Windross advocates undertaking a holistic, down-to-earth approach in achieving weight loss, as opposed to settling for quick fixes or fad diets that more than often, fail to work for many of us. He has also provided a detailed explanation of why people tend to binge on food or snack as a result of the loss of control over our emotions, or due to our inability to exercise restraint over our own eating habits. As a dieter often subject to the yo-yo effects of dieting on my weight, I totally agree with his call for everyone to make better choices about the way we want to live our own life by cultivating the appropriate habits that will ultimately aid us in shedding our undesired fats in a natural manner.

The Waist Management System:

A Proven Plan for Rapid Weight Loss and a Flat Stomach


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