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I bought the book after reading an article about it in an electric flight magazine. I was impressed by the author’s creativity in imagining different real world scenarios to add purpose to r/c helicopter flying. It sparked my imagination. The only thing this book lacks is some photos of the author’s dioramas. I would have liked to have seen some additional photos to expand on what the magazine article showed. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to a level of realism and purpose to their r/c helicopter flying.

Guest article by Gord Broadfoot

It is a how-to book on flying Radio Control (RC) Helicopters in a new and unique way. RC helicopter pilots usually fly in big open areas like fields or in gymnasiums, going in circles and performing standard skill testing maneuvers like flying a vertical or horizontal boxes, pirouettes or flying upside-down and such boring and unrealistic stunts.

R/C Helicopter Adventure Scenarios is fresh and innovative and it “creates a whole new outlook on this hobby….” according to RC Discuss website.

It promotes flying in a more realistic or “scale” way, maneuvering the way a real pilot would, facing the same dangers and challenges and reaping the same rewards and satisfaction from a job well done.

The video below is an example of this hobby. Description: A quick flight through the Smoky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, on the way to rescue 2 trapped climbers.

The book includes true to life flight operations presented in an easy to understand layout which allows the RC Pilot to progress from Training Scenarios through Challenge, Rescue and Combat Scenarios that contain enough action and excitement to satisfy any discerning RC Helicopter pilot.

There is a nice balance of information and inspiration that assures a sound knowledge of helicopter operations in a variety of fields, and it is certain to make old helicopters fun to fly again and also bring new life to old flight areas, where conditions that used to seem tight and restrictive will now be seen as sporty and demanding your best skills and planning.

From preflight check to take-off and execution of your mission, shooting landing approaches to hot LZ’s and hovering over spot-fires with water buckets, find the fun and excitement that makes it all worthwhile and keeps you coming back.

This book will build your skills and give you the results needed to get your helicopter home at the end of a mission.

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