More Than This



Grab a cup of coffee and come experience “More Than This!” ~ Review by farmgirl

I have yet to find an author that can make me feel the character’s struggles and joys as much as Staci Stallings does.More Than This” had me feeling the hurt, the struggle, and the confusion Liz and Jake were going through. I felt the pain Liz was going through. I experienced the visions Jake saw and then the struggle of putting those visions on paper. And I felt the butterflies as Jake and Liz fell in love. It is one thing to read the character’s thoughts and feelings, but it is something else to experience them.

This book is not one of those formula romance books where they meet, they kiss, they fall in love and then “the end.” Staci Stallings captures how life is much “More Than This!!”

Book Description: Liz Savoy has no plans to date anyone—least of all the dark handsome mystery man who sometimes inhabits the corner table at the coffee shop where she’s working to get through school. But plans change, sometimes in ways no one expected.

Jake McCoy is the next mega-millionaire author, or at least he would be if he could get the stories in his head down on the ether. With no good place to write, he resorts to dark corners in Wi-Fi hotspots, knowing no one in the world cares about him or his comings and goings one way or the other.

However, there is one waitress at The Grind coffee shop with a cute smile and kind eyes who doesn’t seem to think he is as invisible as he likes to think he is. Can reality with her ever hope to match the fantasy world where his imagination has him living?

More Than This: Contemporary Christian Romance Novel


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