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No Easy Answers

No Easy Answers

A TRUE honest tale of how someone who has had so much thrown at him rise from the ashes of despair and made a better life for himself. I listen to his podcast too (search under the book title on I-Tunes) and they are great short little “pick me ups” to listen to. Great reading for anyone who feels like they are having trouble and needs a little guidance. ~ Review by Clyde Saultenfuss

Book Description:

How do I turn my life around? What exactly do I need to do to be happy and content in life?

If you’re searching for answers to any of these questions—or dozens of others like them—keep going. You won’t find them in this book. In fact, you won’t find them in any book, because there are no easy answers. You have to work to find them—and the answers are different for everyone.

No Easy Answers is Barry Mangione’s highly personal, profoundly inspirational account of how he transformed his life and went from being depressed, divorced, bankrupt, alcoholic, and on the verge of suicide to being a happy and successful husband, father, artist, and advocate.

He offers his story as a source of hope and guidance, not as a step-by-step process or a secret to happiness. His story is framed around the questions that helped him transform himself and his life. By asking yourself these questions, you can begin to gain the self-awareness you need to achieve self-improvement.

No Easy Answers

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