A book of peace and quiet for a noisy world ~ Review by Jordan Aslett

As someone who works with children I am sometimes overwhelmed by the volume of choices out there when trying to find a book to read for my young ones. There are books out there about anything and everything under the sun; books about cars, books about animals, books about trains – you name it. The noise can be deafening.

Tatiana on the other hand is a comfy little corner of peace and quiet in the noisy, fast-paced world of children’s books. The narrative and pacing are slow, soft and incredibly charming. The illustrations are down-to-earth and pleasing to look at. The message is simple – sometimes you feel left out, but that feeling won’t last forever, because for the most part people care about one another.

I had the privilege of meeting the author on a subway train in Toronto where she told me about Tatiana and let me read it as we rode to work. Having read it, I can say it’s excellent and I highly recommend it. But having met the author I can also say that Tatiana is obviously a quiet labour of love, and I think that’s a rare and wonderful thing in a world filled with too much noise.

Book Description:

Tatiana is a little girl whose life is filled with sadness. She is faced with peer pressure and doesn’t quite fit in. Tatiana plans to run away from home but instead, runs into the hands of a good gypsy woman. Will Tatiana learn to shine like a star? Will she live happily ever after?

Tatiana author


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