The Runaway Horse



Creative educational book ~ Review by Chloe Morrison

What I love most about this book is the ingenious way the author created the characters. I read this story to my 4 year old daughter and I couldn’t help to notice how interested she was in discovering the Plaid Family.

I believe this book emphasis the strong father-son relationship and their struggles to reach a common point in their lives. It’s a colorful story that concludes with an important lesson our kids can learn.

My daughter specifically enjoyed the illustrations and I think they did a great job boosting her imagination. I’m very pleased the author planted the idea of forgiveness in her mind in such a sweet way.

I strongly recommend this book if you wish to teach your children about responsibilities and how honesty is one of the most important traits they need to develop.

Guest article by Michelle Tomars

The Plaid Family Adventure Series is a new children’s series created by father/daughter team Michelle Tomars (Author) and John Tomars (Illustrator). The setting is a fictional town in northwoods Wisconsin called “Plaidville” where guess what….all of the residents wear plaid! Featured in the stories are one special family-The Plaid Family and let’s just say, life is never dull on the Plaid Family Farm-especially during the winter months!

Each story is told from a different Plaid Family member’s point of view and features an adventure with an animal (based on real animals from our own family ranch, and real experiences with that animal as the basis for each adventure.) Each conflict resolves by the end in some type of growth for the main character.

Though the stories contain some fantastical elements that make them appealing to children, at the heart of each story is the honest portrayal of family, animals, small town values, and all the challenges that go along with living through a bitter, snowy winter in the Northwood’s.

The Plaid Family Adventures: The Runaway Horse


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