Your Place or MIne

Your Place Or Mine


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Your Place or Mine
A cool and swanky book that will help you decide if the man you’re looking for is Mr Right, or just Mr Tonight, and much, much more.

 Excerpt from the Introduction – (Kindle Locations 35-51).

When I first arrived in New York, I was an aspiring actress, but like many artistic types, I had to get a job to pay the bills. While waiting for my big break, I used my charisma to ace a job interview, which landed me a job at a Wall Street brokerage firm. Though I didn’t expect it at the time, it was a perfect beginner’s course in how to interact with members of the opposite sex.

Working at the firm was definitely not my dream job, and I found myself getting bored. But then I noticed that my male counterparts at the office would flirt with me a lot. Rather than getting annoyed about it , I used it to my advantage. I discovered I could use my charm to get them to do tasks around the office for me . That’s where I first invented a lot of the seduction techniques I describe in this book. I found I enjoyed getting men to do what I wanted.

But eventually, working at “Groundhog Day Brokerage Firm” lost its luster. Being in a cubicle all day felt like a prison to me. So I gave my two weeks’ notice and quit. I had gotten everything I had possibly wanted out of the situation . It was time to do something different.

I re -evaluated everything. What did I really want to do? I wasn’t exactly sure, but it wasn’t going to be sitting behind a desk all day. I knew what it was that I didn’t want. Now I needed to figure out what I did want.

One night, some friends and I wandered into a strip club. We had had a few drinks, and I went with the promise of more drinks and fun. When I woke up the next morning, I hazily remembered that I had been offered a waitress position. Wow! I could serve men overpriced drinks, and convince them to leave me massive tips. At least it would be more interesting than my last job.

This was one of my first positions in the service industry, and I quickly learned that the flirting and seduction tools that I had started to develop at the brokerage firm worked at the club just as well. I quickly learned to pick up on hints that a person gives you about how they want to be treated.

Your Place or Mine: A Seduction Guide for the Woman of Today


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