The Path 2 Happiness Guide



I highly recommend this ebook to anyone and everyone who has ever felt that there was something deeply wrong with the work-consume-repeat pattern of their lives. Not only will you understand how to grapple with the often debilitating chains, real and imaginary, that bind us to modern predicaments, but also what concrete steps you can take to transform yourself and the World around you. ~ Excerpt of review by Demetry Ogoltsev

Book Description:

How does one find happiness in life? In The Path 2 Happiness Guide, Bruce Budden and William Budden address this question in an easy to read an informative tone. Have you ever wondered:

  • What is life like right now for people?
  • Is my life more than the acquisition of wealth and paying bills?
  • What rules, or laws of life affect the happiness of everyone and everything?
  • How are those laws different from the laws of Man?
  • What formula must I follow in order to fulfill my dreams and seek happiness?

With inspiration drawn from their popular Path 2 Happiness conferences in Australia, Bruce Budden and William Budden uncover a unique way in which the people of the world can uncover the powerful beings within.

Got me on the right path! ~ Review by Ashley Minor

Feeling depressed about our day to day lives isn’t uncommon in this day and age. We get up, we go to work, were at a job all day that we don’t care about, but we feel stuck because we have bills to pay. It feels like never ending drudgery and I had no idea what to do about it. I knew I wanted to do something else.

I knew the path I was on wasn’t working for me. Having enough money to buy more things wasn’t all I need from this life and this book helped me to realize that. more money wasn’t equaling more happiness.

This book taught me how to reach deep down inside and how to follow the path so that I could realize my full potential. After reading this book I returned to school and began to truly follow my passions. I’ll be graduating next year and can’t wait to see what my future holds. Even just beginning the journey, I’m already feeling so much happier!

The Path 2 Happiness Guide


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