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Guest article by Jerondo Bordenave

Me Moments with the Master 31 day Professional and Inspirational Daily Devotion was written with for the busy but yet productive woman. This book is to encourage every woman that wears multiple hats, to relax and take the load off and to spend precious moments with the Master. This book is filled with humor, practical insight and biblical wisdom that will help to jumpstart your day. Jeronda Bordenave hopes to reposition you to spend quality Me Moment’s with the Master.

This book desires to help encourage and empower women to press forward through difficulty, setbacks and trials. Me Moments with the Master ultimate goal is to promote mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness for professional career women.

Every day women will have engaging topics that will speak directly to the various seasons of their life. This book is strategically formatted to allow women to reflect on their conversation with God and to capture their thoughts.

Every woman needs balance and Me Moments with the Master promises to get and keep your life on the right track. God wants your life to have balance… He wants you to know when to lay it all done and sit at his feet and spend quality time in prayer.


1) Schedule your personal “Me Time”

2) Spend quality time in prayer with Jesus.

3) Help you sustain Healthy professional and personal relationships from the Biblical Wisdom shared in a real and practical way.

It is at the foot of Jesus where you will experience your special renewal, restoration and refreshing for your life’s journey. I want you to get ready for your Me Moments with the Master will never be the same. Purchase your copy today!


Me Moments with the Master can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes Nobles, Books A Million and iTunes or at the publishing website:

Excerpts from “Me Moments w/the Master” book

Day24 “People See You Before they Hear You”

Don’t miss the fact that people often sum you up by your outward presentation. I’m speaking of your attitude, your character and your countenance. I guarantee if you pay more attention to your attitude, countenance and character you will begin to see great things happening in your life. In my years of working in corporate and ministry, I have come to realize that no one wants to be in the presence of, hire, marry or even befriend a person whose personality stinks. I heard someone say “Your personality is the perfume, but your character is how you really smell.”Wow, did you get that. People are watching you and determining if you are THE ONE!

Day26 “Master It Before it Masters You”

No longer are you going to allow the devil to control your life and steer it down a dead end street. You are taking over the wheel of your life and you are going to master what’s been mastering you. The enemy doesn’t want you to know that you have dominion over him and all of his wicked devices. You need the fruit of the spirit in your life to WIN. That fruit is self-control. Self- control is the quality that gives you victory over fleshly desires …master it before a masters you!

Day1 “Go Ahead and Laugh”

God often leads us down roads, into places and connects us with people that would simply make you laugh. When God wants to bless you HE does it ridiculously BIG! It’s ALL GOD and it’s ok to laugh out loud.

Day15 “What to Do While You Are Waiting”

don’t get tired of waiting. I knew you would agree that waiting is difficult it’s challenging and often times discouraging. I want to help you change your perspective about waiting. I want to help you turn your waiting to something more pleasurable and exciting. Waiting is not a delay, it’s preparation. Waiting is not the absence of movement, God is still moving and working on your promise. Waiting is a sure sign that you trust God!

Day14 “This Season is for A Reason”

I want to give you some assurance that what you are presently dealing with is seasonal. God told me to tell you that this season it’s for a reason. Just like there are seasons in the natural (winter, spring, summer and fall) there are seasons spiritually, each season it’s for a distinct purpose. Dont get to busy that you neglect to recognize the seasons in your life!

Day9 “I’ve Got What It Takes”

It’s my desire and goal to promote workplace excellence in an inspirational informative way. To make the most of your time this year, spend more quality time thinking about the following questions:

1) Am I happy in my professional life?

2) What three areas can I improve upon so management is aware of my valuable contributions?

3) Are my goals aligned with higher ups as well as with my employer?

4) How can I demonstrate my professional value at employee job interviews or during assessment time?

Many of us pray for promotion but a few of us prepare for it!

Day5 “Shhh…Don’t you say another faithless Word!

Do you know people that talk a lot but say nothing! Their words are lifeless and powerless. I want to challenge you today to study to be quiet. Stop letting anything and everything proceed out of your mouth. God has shown you some big beautiful and humanly impossible dreams. No one and nothing can stop you from receiving what God has for you, but you! What you say today will create what you will see in your future!

Day29 “I’m Not Numb, I just Know”

When you know a thing nothing or no one can cause you to deviate or persuade you to change or become indifferent. There is power in knowing! You have heard it said that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, that’s a lie. What you don’t know will kill you and cost you big time. The devils number one MO is to keep you ignorant, to keep you clueless, to keep you questioning the character of your God and his purpose and plans for your life. If God took care of the big stuff I know for sure he will handle the small stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff!


Me Moments with the Master can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes Nobles, Books A Million and iTunes or at the publishing website:

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