I love my Leonie Dawson Workbooks

As posted on my “Home for Book Lovers” page! Thought I best get this posting into the line-up for people to see.

Leonie Dawson! 


Leonie Dawson is an artistic soul who is dear to my heart. I have never met her in person but I am an avid follower of what she has to offer. This is my first time purchasing her Calendar/Workbooks and I am very impressed! Beautiful and stunning and full of gems and nuggets. In other words,  I am blown away by the artistic flair, the layout, the questions and the platform. Take a look at the video below to peek inside.

This workbook creates Change. Six years ago, I did a crazy little creative side project to plan out my new year. It ended up going out into the world and blooming into a miracle – making phenomenon adored by thousands. – Leonie Dawson


I bought the eBook versions of the Life and Biz. It is really wonderful to be able to print as I go. I can fill in the pages in the pdf and print or I can print and fill in by hand. If you are someone with a creative side, this is the calendar for you. Leonie will ask you questions and put a spin on things that open up your mind and heart.

Absolutely say YES to a fabulous 2015 and enjoy using Leonie’s workbooks.

Follow this link to order your 2015 Create Your Shining Year

–  PayPal is accepted. (I always look for that option)

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