Be Who You Are!

I Am Absolute Freedom


Unapologetic, raw and genuine! ~ Review by Sarah Adams

By taking out fluff and formality, Silvia does a phenomenal job of exposing her character and inner feelings in this book. It will give you a new perspective on yourself and the world around you. She forces you to question your priorities and your feeling of obligation to please the people around you. It’s a great read; I highly recommend it!

Book Description:

When someone says to you, “Get with the program” – exactly what “program” do they mean? Why does being yourself involve adhering to someone else’s concept of individuality?

These questions and more are probed throughout the pages of I Am – Absolute Freedom, the debut offering from silviamick. In it,a. Her writing is sharp, her logic is seasoned, and her acerbically witty approach renders each of her points unforgettable – even if they ultimately offend you.

silviamick makes no apologies for taking strong stands. Having reached the point of heightened self-awareness, she takes a retrospective look back on all the experiences that have led her to that precise point, acknowledging her various missteps in sober fashion. As a result of her emergent enlightenment, silviamick then invites the reader to join her in piercing the facade of common sense.

I Am – Absolute Freedom is not for the faint of heart. The tome is a well-written, enjoyable read, recommended for those seeking real answers to the questions that have beset them for far too long.

I love this book for the power of its message: you have to become aware of yourself, to wholly accept yourself and to love yourself as you really are. ~ Grazia Emmolo

I Am – Absolute Freedom: Be Badass, Be Who You Are!


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