Still Holding Hands

Still Holding Hands


Book Blurb:

Want to know the secrets to long term happy relationships? Pick a letter. Any letter. Take a spin through the alphabet to find out how to keep romance and fun in your lives. STILL HOLDING HANDS reveals how it is possible to continue to like, enjoy and take care of each others needs. It is an entertaining read, helpful without being preachy. This gift guide offers advice and smiles from over 50 years experience of companionship, marriage and love.



• Smile, it does not hurt at all. This is something you can pass on to an upset
partner. It is very difficult to have an argument when the other person is smiling.
It may cause wrinkles, but you will age happily.

A Life shared with Joy, Humor and Passion

Fran and Ed have set out to enlighten readers with their wonderful, quirky and funny view of how they managed their successful 50 year marriage. Their approach is deeply personal and honest, always showing insight into how to lovingly blend two different personalities. Though a quick read, the ABCs of relationship advice will impress each reader with wit, practicality and sensibility. A must read for newly-weds as well as those married forever! ~ Review by Claire H

Fran & Ed

About the Authors
Fran and Ed Cohen have been married for 50 years. Within that time, Dr. Ed
has played as a dentist, sales rep and wicked cool sax man. Fran plays at
facilitating book groups and lecturing in-between yoga classes. Both still play
with each other as well.

Still Holding Hands: A Whimsical Guide Through the ABC’s of a Long Term Relationship is available on Amazon!


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