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How to Make Time to Write When You Have no TimeGuest article by Mia Randall

Short of time to write? Burned out in your current job? Wish you had all day to write? Is your inspiration disappearing in proportion to your growing schedule?

It’s an incredible feeling to have written a book. Writing a book can change your life. Your next book could be THE book that changes your life.

We’re writers. That means that we like to ask questions, to educate, to inspire. However our art can be exhausting. We have a passion, but it can be all consuming. Writing is a punishing life and we don’t have anyone to blame! We chose this life!

It’s time to take back your time – and your life. Here’s the good news: writing is more about discipline than inspiration. It’s time to get into the habit of making progress!

Get ready to learn how to use what time you have more productively and to discover your own limits – and capacities.

Instead of finding time to write, you need to MAKE time.

Pull up a chair and get your writing medium of choice ready, for you are about to finish your book!


Note: Mia Randall is the author of two other very interesting books as well – Meditation Motivation & Ten Days to Daily Yoga

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Author Express: How to Make Time to Write When You Have No Time


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