The Kabbalist

The Kabbalist

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Guest Article by Yoram Katz

The Plot

A 200 years old letter, sent by a Napoleonic cavalry officer who died during the 1799 siege of Acre, drives a young Frenchwoman to travel to Israel and hire a local private eye in an attempt to unveil an old family secret.

The two quickly find out that the old secret is very much alive and even lethal.

Their quest takes them back in history, through the Napoleonic era, the golden age of Kabbalah in the 16th century and the Crusaders Kingdom of Jerusalem, right into the origins of Christianity and of Kabbalah – the Jewish mystical tradition.

The old family mystery mushrooms into something the two could not have imagined, with far reaching implications for long-accepted ideas, and with direct impact on their personal lives.

What the readers said

“The Kabbalist is one of the best historical mysteries I have ever read. It is fabulously built and organized. I really enjoyed being led in the company of each rich character from “false truths” to “real truths”.

“This book is a riveting, cannot-put-it-down, detective tale, embedded in a historical mystery that keeps the reader mesmerized while feeding astonishing information through the narrative as well. A brilliant book in which Dan Brown’s”The Da Vinci Code” is contradicted with an equally profound hypothesis”.

“I have found “The Kabbalist” by Yoram Katz to be simply more than fascinating.”

“The Kabbalist” is that rare gem among historical fiction novels, in that it not only convincingly draws you into several different eras and events without being cumbersome, but also weaves in a compelling mystery and memorable characters.”

“Excellent merging of detective Noir and historical fiction with mystical overtones. He does an excellent job jumping around in time without making it seem choppy. The characters are well developed and believable. I started out reading to pass time, but then found that I couldn’t put it down.”

“The Kabbalist is an amazing combination of a present day crime story, a historical thriller and a well-built fiction on the interconnectedness of Catholic and Jewish religion and the origins of the Kabbalah.”

“Katz’s wide knowledge of Middle Eastern history enlightens the reader, and his story telling skills keeps you flipping pages.”

“An absolutely gripping story, well told. The historical backdrop has clearly been very well researched and makes the story thoroughly believable. This is no shallow conspiracy book, it is a suspenseful mystery that unfolds at a steady pace while weaving together connections between characters who lived thousands of years apart.”

Special promotion price on Amazon during December 29-31, 2014


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