Interview Success

Interview Success


Guest Article by Nigel Armitt

“Interview Success by Nigel Armitt” on Kindle More than 60 interview TIPs
Over 150 worldwide job websites to HELP you find a job.

SUCCEED at that next all important key interview.

Author has worked more than thirty years in the UK, Middle East and Europe for many large corporate companies both in the private and public sectors on BOTH sides of the interview table in many countries.

“One stop” reference book saving you valuable time to be fully prepared in advance for your next interview.

Interviews are by their nature a very daunting time because so much depends on the outcome.

To receive a – “Yes your hired” telephone call, email or letter definitely is something we all want to share. HELP in the job search and to make sure you WIN at you.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Accessing the market – (Kindle Locations 126-137)

The largest professional social networking site LinkedIn, has more than 175 million members in 200 plus countries worldwide. People are signing up at approximately two new members a second. It is free to become a member and post a summary of your career and work history . Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn more than any other website to connect with potential candidates. LinkedIn is more of a professional social networking site than Facebook which is used to connect to family and friends.

Therefore for that reason LinkedIn should be treated in a professional way and remember it is a free route to market to advertise yourself on the internet to potential employers, recruiters and HR departments, who regularly use it to find suitable job applicants for free. Researchers at recruitment companies search via LinkedIn using key words which if not included in your profile will mean you will not be found as a suitable match for particular vacancies they are trying to fill.



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