Dark of Night



Loved the character interactions and developments in particular, a truly intriguing read, especially as the mystery and suspense built up. The plot twist and final ending were both unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed, and I would definitely recommend reading! Well written and original. ~ Review by Charlotte

Guest article by Marios Savva

A young woman, badly tormented by a dark entity, flees to a small U.S. town to escape it. There, she finds hope of salvation in the young sheriff, a former renowned detective of Scotland Yard.

Jane takes part in a séance involving a Ouija board with her high school friends. A dark entity enters the world as a result. One by one, her friends all die horrible deaths and now, years later, she is the only remaining participant left. The evil entity torments her terribly every day and she now feels her end will come soon. She has now reached the point of utter desperation and decides to move back in with her aunt SUE in the town of Whitesands. A terrible accident happens on her way there when the dark entity tries to kill her resulting in several people being horribly slaughtered. Sheriff Jake Blakemoore is called to the scene. Sheriff Jake is an Englishman who is also known in Scotland Yard as ‘Young Sherlock’. He worked in the FBI before becoming the sheriff of Whitesands. With the help of his trusted deputy, a Native American Indian named Chief, Jake begins investigating the deaths caused at the scene of the accident.

Jane reveals to Jake the truth about the dark entity and that it was this evil being that caused the deaths. Chief, who has a heightened intuition believes her. Jake, on the other hand is skeptical about such an absurd claim. Chief has a strong feeling that an evil presence has cast its shadow over the town and has an ominous feeling that these deaths are but the beginning.

The evil entity begins causing carnage in the – until then – quiet town of Whitesands. People start dying tragically. Jake is puzzled as to the complete lack of physical evidence of the perpetrator. His excellent detective skills are put to the test and finds himself overwhelmed by the mysterious manner of the deaths. He enlists the help of sheriff DUDLEY, the sheriff of the nearby county of DURHAM. Chief, who is an expert tracker, finds the tracks of the entity, but cannot explain the nature of them; ‘for they are not of this world’. He is convinced that a supernatural being is involved in the deaths occurring now in Whitesands.

Jane insists on being locked in a cell at the station as she fears nothing can prevent the entity from killing her. Jake enlists reinforcements from all the nearby counties as he tries to solve the case. The dark entity which has the form of a tall dark beast with shunted horns attacks the station while sheriff Jake and Chief are out on another murder which has occurred. The beast kills several officers as it tries to open the cell where Jane is in order to kill her. Jake bursts onto the scene and tries to save Jane. He manages, nearly losing his life in the process, to make the beast flee from the station and thus save her.

The beast has injured Jake badly but Jake refuses the doctor’s advice to rest from his bad injuries. Jane begins to develop feelings for Jake and starts to fall in love with him. Jake too has feelings for Jane. The case now becomes personal for Jake as the dark beast then starts to kill some of his officers including JUNIOR, a young up and coming officer whom Jake loves like a son. At Junior’s funeral Jake meets a priest who is a holy man. The priest senses the presence of the dark entity and advises Jake on how to combat such a force of evil.

Jake starts to uncover that the root of this source of evil, is not Jane, but her aunt Sue. It was in Sue’s house where the Ouija board séance took place when she was a teenager, but the evil presence was in the house from before the kids did their séance, at the beckoning of aunt Sue. Jake eventually realises this and begins to investigate Jane’s aunt. Meanwhile Jake makes known his feelings to Jane and they both gradually fall deeply in love with each other.

The dark entity continues with the slaughter of the people of Whitesands. Jake is at a loss as he feels he cannot fight an enemy who cannot be seen or tracked. He makes a move to bring the beast out of the shadows it lurks in. This bold move eventually brings with it a tragic consequence…


Dark of Night


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