Breaking the cycle of abuse


Through the EYES of Ms.Tee’s DAUGHTER

I personally know Ms. Tee’s daughter, and to see the beautiful woman, mother, wife, and friend she has to become is AMAZING! Through all the pain and heartache she is a SURVIVOR! She has broken the cycle! Love you girl! A good read & tear jerker! ~ Review by Abigail Stringer

Excerpt from the Press Release:
New Book Spreading Awareness On Child Abuse Through A Captivating Story With the help of published book, Sunshine Sims is breaking the cycle of abuse and you can help too.

United States, November 2014 — Sunshine Sims announced today launch of her new book that is not only about the captivating story but much more than that. Through her book called Through the Eyes of Ms. Tee’s DAUGHTER“, new author is spreading social awareness of child abuse and many tips on how
to stop it.

Author Sunshine Sims tells the story of relationship between Ms. Tee and her daughter. Ms Tee’s daughter tries to tell the story of broken in spirit con­artist mother she had. As Ms Tee’s daughter  discovers the truth about the woman she felt she never knew, she is now faced with the question of:whether to continue the cycle or break the cycle of abuse?

Sunshine wants to use her book to help those who found themselves in abusing situation or those who want to stop child abuse. “I want people to know when they buy my book they are supporting a great cause which is breaking the cycle of abuse”. But that is not all. The author wants to educate children and parents about different types of abuse. “I am bringing awareness to teaching our children not only stranger danger situations, but also contact interaction such as appropriate vs. inappropriate touching”.

The author Sunshine Sims hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of many around the world through the means of writing.


Sunshine Sims is a new author of a book called Through the Eyes of Ms. Tee’s DAUGHTER that helps promote awareness of child abuse around the world. The author has been using her creativity and talent in order to write interesting stories that serve a great cause of stopping the cycle of abuse.

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