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Bruce Budden ‘s Aim for the Starz is packed full of useful information to transform your life. His perspective is totally spot-on – the only thing holding you back is YOU!

So many people put up barriers in their lives that limit their potential. The barriers described were very thought-provoking as I saw bits and pieces of myself in several of them. This book has taught me to take a hard look at the way I perceive my life. It outlines areas where I can start making changes now. I especially enjoyed Chapter Four on “designing my life”. It provided concrete steps that will lead me down the path to making the most of life.

Today, the world is full of people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives. And, I must admit that I have travelled that way a few times myself. I am glad Aim for the Starz gave me a new way to look at things. ~ Review by Ricquelle Landis

Guest article by Bruce Budden

Aim for the Starz is a guide toward optimism, toward the journey of making positive changes in life. This book is written in a linear narrative style from a third person point of view. It comprises four parts. First part discusses about the things that holds a person back from moving forward. The first part talks about the limitations, barriers, fears, and excuses that we use for our immovability.

Most of our pessimism and inertia is the ultimate results of these factors. It also points out our human trait of blaming others as our enemy which is really appreciable to me. In the second part, the author talks about what a person needs to live fully. The author talks about the notion of our perception, positivity, potential, mind and subconscious and their influence on us.

The author notices that by expanding our mind we can broaden our horizon of success and shows us the example of Nelson Mandela. In the third part, the author discusses about following one’s dream and aiming for the starz.

Here, the author implies that beliefs, open-mindedness, perseverance, doing what one loves, being imaginative, big thinking, being free, having fun, smiling, taking positive risks, being grateful and generous, and taking action – all of these are tools to use to aim for the starz. Lastly, in the fourth part, author talks about designing one’s life through different strategies and by setting goals.

This book is like a magical wand to guide one in the darkness of despair and frustration and has every capability to motivate one towards the light of success and optimism in one’s life. Lastly, to top it off the author emphasizes that, “every single one of us is the sole creator of our own destiny.” This quote pretty much comprises the main theme of the whole book by positing the vibe of optimism and perseverance to venture for our dream.

Aim For The Starz


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