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Sweatshop Greed


This book really is an interesting story with a unique main character. I got a lot of entertainment and intrigue out of following Amanda Simmond’s story as her greed leads her through an intense struggle in the sweatshop business. I don’t know if calling her a protagonist is the right word, but somehow I found myself sucked into her poor decisions as if they were my own and we needed to navigate them together. It’s amazing how a series of events around the world and bad choices can get you into something so deep and illegal. I think it happens to a lot more people than we’d think. ~ Excerpt of review by Becca Quinlan

Guest article by Michael Conlan

Sweat shop greed is the story of a well educated, attractive, ambitious, dominant, and very wealthy young lady from Melbourne, Australia, who, due to her greed, and thirst for power finds herself involved in the sweat shop industry in South east Asia.

After just passing her MBA at Melbourne University, her father sets her up in a company in which he has a financial investment in. At the same time, his daughter, Amanda Simmonds is planning to catch and trap her husband. In order to complete this plan she conspires to have one of her university lecturers killed. She captures her man, and at the same time, (by standing on many toes, and upsetting colleagues,) she is progressing up the corporate ladder.

Amanda and Anthony marry in a highly publicized wedding.

On one of her overseas trips, her father arranges for Amanda to meet one of his U.S. agents, Tom Briggs. They start a torrid love affair. At the same time, her husband, who was doing legal business in Thailand fell for a beautiful Thai lawyer, and had started a relationship with her.

When Amanda’s clothing company needed an overseas company to manufacture her products, Tom Briggs introduced her to John Morgan, and together they got her interested in the projected millions she could make in a very short time. When Amanda became suspicious of her husband’s affair, she hired a retired New Scotland Yard detective, who had set himself as a PI in Bangkok to gather information on her husband’s Thailand activities. Meanwhile, Brodie Williams, an insurance investigator was still suspicious about the death of the university professor, which was recorded as accidental.

Amanda started to see her Swiss bank account grow rapidly with the funds from producing copy garments branded with top of the range names.

Suddenly, her life turned upside down. Evidence linking her to the professor socially, and the shooting of two British expats, one of whom was the detective doing work for Amanda, were shot and killed on the street in Bangkok.

Panic stricken after being interviewed by police in Melbourne, she assumes a fake identity and flees to London, where she hopes to get assistance from her American friends.

Finally, disguised as her alias, Chelsea Gibson, she is stopped from boarding a plane at Heathrow, and held for questioning.

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Sweatshop Greed


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